A Piece of Mind

The watery mirror
Still, without any ripple
Stifled and stilted
Holding the sky
Yet, the sense

A mind, without waves.


Linking this to Trablogger’s ~Mundane Monday Challenge~

62 responses to “A Piece of Mind

  1. your choice of title has enhanced the beauty and provided depth to the words dear .. You must have excelled tremendously in those ‘Give a title ‘ contest which my teachers used to love so much 🙂
    A beautiful piece 🙂 🙂

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  3. It is indeed a beautiful concoction of words and images…water without waves and watery mirror, mind without waves, each choice of word is a deep reflection of inner thoughts and together it holds deeper meaning of life and living…the thought of claustrophobic, is against the very philosophy of freedom of life, we all want to break free and want to fly and hold the sky…
    Hope you are having a serene weekend.


  4. I always love your writings, you have a way of taking something simple and giving it so much depth. You’re very reflective haha you see what I did there!


  5. Why is your mind without waves? Is it calm or stagnant? Both have a different meaning, I believe.

    Well your words never fail to amaze me. 🙂


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