73 responses to “Haiku: Waterfall

  1. Wow! The haiku and the picture seem to be made to each other. Simply incredible. Loved it Mani.🙂

  2. Hi…Love the Haiku and picture! You are a Creative Spirit. Thanks for sharing your writing and pictures with us. Wishing you days of Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder…Phil

  3. This one is an absolute beauty dear! A beauty of words, of imagery and of sound …. mesmerized soul-sis.. these are one of those which Made Me write .:) Love you for this one🙂

  4. “Coquettish” characteristically means flirtatious, especially in a teasing, lighthearted manner. “Bicker” means water flow in a repetitive manner…when I look at the beautiful picture and rhythmic flow of water, it is creating million anklets ring and the song sings by itself, there is a mystical beauty and magical melody.
    The picture is so alluring and at the same time the water fall is very deadly to handle…love the hidden profoundness in the composition.😀

  5. Amazing take on the prompt. Hearing to that sound would be a wonderful delight indeed.🙂

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