Mundane Monday #3

Monday morning, drizzle, morning walk, and finally, a warm cup of tea from the roadside ‘cha-er dokan’ (tea-shop)

Bliss personified!


This is my entry for Jithin’s (trablogger) Mundane Monday Challenge
The picture has been taken by my Asus Zenfone 6 Z002 


34 responses to “Mundane Monday #3

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  2. Good morning Maniparna! 🙂 I don’t like drinking chai (I’m weird) but if someone buys a cup, especially in cold weather.. I like to hold the cup and smell the aroma of the tea. Then I hand it back to them to drink 😛 Strange, right?

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  3. Like living in momentary paradise… 🙂
    Which language is that, by the way, which you used for the tea shop? (If it happens to be a different one…)

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