Haiku: Dance

Image Credit: smore.is

Image Credit: smore.is

flickering raindrops

body, lissome as lightning

she dances for herself

This haiku is based on an audio prompt by my blogger friend  Ravish Mani. You can listen to the prompt here at Haiku Prompt.
There is another haiku which I wrote earlier on a similar audio prompt, you can read that here.


55 responses to “Haiku: Dance

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  2. This is awesome, life, love, beauty and passion personified. What a wonderful picture, and indeed the beautiful thoughts are just not flowing but doing so magically…dancing or singing in the drizzle magnifies the passion, the surrounding and nature in mood makes us go crazy…we all love to express ourselves and it could be many ways of doing it, this liberates us from our assumptions and anchors which restrains us from exploring and expanding in life…just loved it.

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