The Healthy Honey Diet

There would always be the controversy whether we eat to live or live to eat. For foodies, the second one holds truer; for the health conscious ones, the first one is the mantra. But, the truth is, we don’t always have to cut off our favorite dishes in order to stay fit and healthy. After all, doesn’t life become bland without the occasional punches of Bada Pao, phuchka or chicken burgers?

To stay healthy, we need to follow some basic rules. The simple equation of calorie states we have to burn the extra amount we are consuming to keep the balance perfect. How to burn out the extra calorie? Working out is the best option. But most of us are too torpid to pursue it on a regular basis. While we keep on satisfying our taste buds, we just forget about the consequences for the time being and, when we notice the extra layer of fat around our waistline, it’s already too late.

Myths About Crash Diet, What Is It?

The next step is how to reduce the fat. Surprisingly, instead of following the basic and healthy process, people run after the shortcuts, opt for some crash-diet course thinking them to be healthy and effective.  In a few words, a crash diet is a process of reducing weight by lowering the calorie intake almost to the point of starving. While crash diets sometimes successfully help to reduce the weight, they can bring serious problems to your health as a whole. Most of the times, the dangers outweigh the benefits. The nutritional compromises we do while going through a crash diet can severely affect the body producing dizzy spells, mood swings, muscle cramping- to mention a few.

Benefits Of A Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet provides you with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients. A brisk session of workout along with it can gift you a life brimming with vitality. A healthy diet includes a variety of foods from the basic food groups, helps you maintaining a perfect body weight and also takes care of the different internal systems of your body. It’s the key to a healthy and happy life.

Honey As One Of The Key Ingredients To A Healthy Life

From time immemorial, honey is considered as a natural elixir due to its tremendous therapeutic value. It is widely used as medicine, in beauty products, and as the best sugar substitute. It can easily be mixed with everyday foods like cereals, milk, beverages, salads and fruits to increase the taste and the nutritional value. brings the natural goodness of honey to us through its unique Honey DietSourced from choicest locations like the Himalayas and the Sundarbans, Dabur Honey brings the purity of Nature to us. Honey in our daily diet can be beneficial in reducing the weight, keeping our skin healthy and glowing and the immunity system stronger. Moreover, Dabur is sharing some delectable and healthy honey recipes, check them here. Embrace the natural sweetness of honey, make life sweeter, happier, and healthier.

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