Poetry of Night

Black velvet wrapped

The incongruity and ugliness
Revealed by daylight.
The darkness oozed
Overflowing the stars
Layers of night
Shrouded itself 
With a palpable silence
And, the wind whispered
Poetry of the night.


34 responses to “Poetry of Night

  1. Night shrouded in layers…. truly layered ! silliness apart,I loved it. Night is my favorite theme as well as the favorite time of my day ..er.. night ..whatever. So much so my other name is ‘Nishachar’ 🙂

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  2. Poetry of night couldn’t have been any better 🙂 I could actually imagine it infront of my eyes. Beautifully penned, loved it 🙂


  3. The night can bring fears but your view of looking at it so more romantic, thickly layered in complex luxury…yes this is the way to celebrate the dark hours.

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