WordPress Photo Challenge: Door

Doors- they open, sometimes inviting us to enjoy the merriment of life, sometimes to face the harsh reality the confinement of  four walls has to offer.
Doors- they close to end up a relation, to save a poor soul from imminent danger, or to bid a goodbye to a close one.
Doors- everyone has a story to tell, everyone stands strong even after witnessing the fleeting moments of a never-ending drama called life.
Talk to the Door, feel the presence.
A Village Door

A Village Door


The village door; no intricate wooden work, no fancy  doorbells, but just an obstruction to the intruders, that’s all they can afford.
Waiting For A  Knock

Waiting for Godot


Will anyone ever knock here?
A Streetside Door

A Streetside Door


38 responses to “WordPress Photo Challenge: Door

  1. Liked your sensitive photography, Maniparna. I usually see the doors, like the first one, when I visit my Mango Farm in village. The other two I used to see at my paternal house, when I was a child, with exact design & colour. 🙂


  2. Nice.. Each door has a story. It is kinda funny. I used to observe the kind of locks on the doors and the record number I have seen so far is 8 for a shop 😀 😀


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  4. Second picture brought back my memories of living in a village called thirumarugal. Southern part of Tamilnadu. Such a beautiful place it was. Almost all the houses has this kind of doors. They use those iron rings to knock the door and also lock it.


  5. Interesting post with nice pictures. “Will anyone ever knock here?” Reminds me of a quote by Milton Berle ~ “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”!
    Cheers 🙂

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