Haiku: Summer Morning (natsuake)


sunlight peeped into

dawn chorus filled the warm air

morning-glory smiled

Shared With carpe diem


57 responses to “Haiku: Summer Morning (natsuake)

  1. Summer mornings (Natsuake) are the wonderful gifts of God .
    A beautiful haiku to seize the day and make life worthwhile .

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  2. Very aromatic and light – interesting how you used past. Present also an option. I enjoyed my visit, your leaf haiku and passage about rain have left a wonderful impression. Among your, and the, finest writing I have seen, and feels so much like having a nice cup of tea, so relaxing reading.

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    • Your visit here always help me to find inspiration. your comments on my haiku poems are full of wisdom…you analyze them totally from a different angle which resonates much with my own…. 🙂

      Thank you so much… 🙂


  3. Beautiful ! what else ..pure beauty .. These days I am finding Somali’s comment mirroring my reactions too acutely 😀 So copying her – what a wonderful way to start your day !

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