Product Review: Dabur Baby Massage Oil

Babies are precious to us. The arrival of a new, tiny member in the family splashes a million smiles and happiness everywhere. My sister-in-law has been blessed with a baby boy some 10 months back and, from then the baby is the source of happiness for all of us. His ever-smiling face melts our hearts instantly and being a no-cry baby, he easily gets attention and love from even a stranger.
He is a happy baby and, loves the oil massage his grandma gives him every day. His grandma uses a popular branded oil, but my sister-in-law is not satisfied with the brand at all. According to her it has some artificial smell and that might be harmful to the baby in the long run.
So, when I received the samples of  Dabur Baby Massage Oil as a part of the #FirstLoveActivity from Blogadda, I didn’t think twice to gift a bottle to my sister-in-law. Dabur is a trusted brand for years and this baby oil is specially formulated to suit the delicate baby skin. It is full of Nature’s goodness and free from any chemical like paraben and paraffin. These chemicals are cost effective and are used in almost all beauty products including oils. Recent research proves that it can create serious health issues for babies in future like developmental disorders, malfunction of the immune system, and, learning problems.  Being free from these, Dabur Baby Massage Oil is safe for babies. Moreover, it is enriched with the goodness of olive, almond, sunflower, sesame and jojoba oils. These natural ingredients nourish the baby’s skin improving the development process.
Here Goes My Sister-in-law’s Experience With The Oil In Her Own Words
The oil has a mild fragrance that very much resembles the natural baby odour. It is very light and absorbs easily. Siddharth (the baby) loves the picture of the baby elephant on the packet and plays with it while I give him the oil massage. I wait for about 5 minutes after the massage and give him a quick bath. His skin feels softer. I think the oil is quite good for my baby and helps him to get the benefits of regular oil massage. A good oil massage is absolutely important for the development of a child. I’m thankful to Dabur for coming up with such a useful baby product.
I would love to share some happy pictures of my child.


I have received another feedback from one of my friends on the oil and, she also expressed the same views. She also has added that her baby is having a good sleep after the oil massage and the bath. Here goes a picture of the little angel.


Packaging & Pricing
Dabur Baby Massage Oil comes in a sealed pet bottle of 100ml and is priced moderately, INR 110 for each bottle. The shelf life is 24 months.
Based on the above observations, it can be said, it is quite a good product from Dabur in the range of baby oils.

1-dabur 005


I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at

24 responses to “Product Review: Dabur Baby Massage Oil

  1. Hi, I have few questions on the product.. Please provide me if you have this info: What is the % of olive, badam,.. oils used? no where it is mentioned that it is free from mineral oils.
    My thoughts – Babys go to sleep even if you properly massage with coconut oil also and give them a warm water bath. What is the specialty of this oil?


  2. Thank you for such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using raw shea butter baby oil rub from long and its really effective. SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil Rub is fragrant with hints of myrrh and honeysuckle to calm your baby. The baby oil rub is perfect during winters to seal in moisture and protect the delicate skin of your baby from the irritating dryness.

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  3. Cute pics and a good review. I have just finished using honey from Dabur. Though I am used to honeys from Khadi or Tribes India etc. Dabur’s product was quite satisfactory.

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