1-ratna 030

As layers of dream, weaved with strings of sleep
As unfathomable mind, where thoughts go deep
As miniscule pollens are drifted to bring in life anew
As the good morn bids the silvery damsel adieu.

Time flows on reigning all the laws
Clasping every second in its claws
Time, a cruel gypsy, wandering vagabond
Eternal performer of a never-ending allemonde.

Shared with Poets United Midweek Motif~Time

73 responses to “Time

  1. How cool is that! I loved this comparison in the lines:
    As miniscule pollens are drifted to bring in life anew
    As the good morn bids the silvery damsel adieu.
    Such a right pick!

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  2. What a lovely poem…time rules on every law, yes the seconds are in deep grip in its claws. The layers of dream in the sleep keeps coming and going, so is the evening sun set and the wandering of mind in this mesmerizing phenomena of nature…
    just loved every bit of it…

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  3. Time is a strange thing, for humans it means the aging and falling apart of bodies but for wine it means a finer taste. The greatest thing about time though is that it gives us the pleasure to contemplate words such as the rich ones you have given us.

    I haven’t read a rhyming poem in ages and it is lovely to find a new one with such a wonderful sense of the symbiosis of time and nature.


  4. A good work on time.

    Time flows and that’s the problem. I’m already feeling so old and rusted 😛

    Nice pic as well as good poem with amazing last stanza 🙂

    Have a good day!

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  5. the contrast in two stanzas almost like Beauty and the Beast here fill the dancing Time with foreboding specially when compared Time’s sharp, cruel image with the soft beauty painted in the first stanza…love this take on the prompt Maniparna 🙂

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  6. The first half of the poem talks about pollens, new life,morning (hope) and 2nd half about the control of time on each and every moment (routine). The combination of two keeps life going. What are the other interpretations of this beautiful poem Maniparna?

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  7. Time’s claws makes it seem like it’s in control for sure, and an outsider to all we want–but look, look! Each moment has its music and dance. That is the impression of this first verse full of images.

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