1-HOLI 028

Millions of words have been said
Myriads of emotions explored
With closed eyes or the open ones
It is the only thing vision adorned.

The feeling profaned yet pious
The hope eternal but momentary
The magic of an intangible force
The end meeting the source.

Sweeter than the sound of wind chime
Gossamer of love transcends time.

36 responses to “Eternal

  1. Each line is so well thought and speaks so many volumes about a feeling that is always hard to express. It is the only thing vision adorned – so very true. An ‘eternal’ piece in true sense this is 🙂

  2. Different indeed. I was wondering how can a flower lead your thoughts to so many different directions. Justifies the name of the blog, Scattered thoughts 🙂

  3. Hope eternal and temporary. There is a beautiful balance to this one Maniparna, the evanescence and the permanence of eternity. Really liked this one 🙂

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