Polo T-Shirts

Fashion keeps on changing. And, though a person’s style is his very own, still style also gets influenced in one way or another by the changing fashion. There are very few garments which have won the title of fashion classics and, you’ll never be considered out-of-fashion while adorning those. Polo T-shirts, a wardrobe staple, can be placed in this category.

Polo T-shirts are simple T-shaped garments with knitted collars, short sleeves (though now they can be full-sleeved, too) with a two- or three-button placket opening. Mostly, they are made of not woven but knitted fabric.  The question often haunts us, is, why they are called “Polo” T-shirts.

Polo Tee- Basic Pattern

Polo Tee- Basic Pattern

You will be surprised to know that Polo T-shirts owes their origin, not to the game of polo, it was actually designed by the famous French tennis player Rene Lacoste who won seven Grand Slam tournament in his career. Lacoste’s main objective was to design a comfortable and stylish looking sports garment. He wore it first in the 1926 US Open. Later he introduced his own brand of Polo T-shirts which became greatly popular with the Polo players. So much so that it came to universally known as ‘polo’ shirts though it had been introduced and used by the tennis players earlier than the polo players.

Since then, polo T-shirts are widely used throughout the world; not only by players but also in the non-sporting world. The objective of introducing a smart, trendy and comfortable upper wear has proved its effect far-reaching among the masses as well as the classes.
Screenshot 2015-05-24 03.28.49It’s always wise to go for branded T-Shirts There are many brands which have gained fame and reputation for their classically styled, high-quality range of polos. In a hot and humid country like ours, we very much need to wear garments made from knitted fabric. Such fabric can breathe and has a cooler effect in comparison to other materials.

The traditional design of polo T-shirts helps to provide a casual and also a semi-formal look depending on the way one is carrying the entire outfit. The soothing effect of Polo tees along with the comfortable design has undoubtedly made it a must have for every wardrobe. The design invented by Lacoste is still now encouraging and inspiring the modern fashion brands and gurus. This only proves that comfort is the keyword when it comes to practical apparels.


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  1. Nice research Maniparna :).. I used to like the polo Tee shirts. For some reason I have shifted completely over to the V necks. I used to love Pepe’s polos. And now it seems like an era ago 😀 😀 ..

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  2. Well I certainly learnt some things I didn’t know about polo shirts – thank you! However, I still look awful in them – they don’t suit my shape at all 👯

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