Fulfilling Every Wish

Wishes have wings, beautiful and bright
Wishes can fly, faster than the light
Wishes herald happiness,  joy, and laughter
Wishes are like an open book, a never-ending chapter.

Wish- this word lets us open up our minds, gives our imagination invisible wings ushering smiles on our faces. There are big, bright wishes in everybody’s life and, we work accordingly driving our life in the right direction in order to fulfill them. But what about those small, delicate wishes that make our mundane life colorful? What about that little kid who earnestly wished for a cricket bat or that of a movie buff for a 2TB external hard disk?
It is said that wishes are only granted in fairy tales. But sometimes, if you wish from your heart’s core you can actually possess it.
It was my friend’s anniversary and, I wanted to adorn a saree. Though I love sarees but I wear it occasionally. So it happened that just before the auspicious day, as I was checking the accessories, I found my earrings missing. I searched frantically, but those big, bold pair of fashion earring just vanished into thin air. Disappointed, I almost left the idea of wearing the saree.
My mother calmed me down saying that everything would be alright. I really didn’t take her seriously because she had a penchant for consoling everyone with such sugary words. But, the next afternoon, I could hardly believe my eyes when the delivery man (or should I say wish-man) handed me over the package containing almost the same pair of earrings! Mom dear did that wonder for me with the aid of online shopping! A very small wish of little or no value to others, but for me, it was priceless.
With the emergence of e-commerce sites in India, online shopping is not an alien thing anymore. But there are a very few sites who work relentlessly to fulfill zillion wishes of millions of customers. Flipkart is definitely one of those to excel in every way; be it pricing, quality control, speedy delivery or customer service.
I remember while buying a smartphone for my sister’s birthday, we rummaged all the available sites to get the desired one at the best price. Finally, I settled down to Flipkart as it was offering the lowest of the price. And. how can I forget buying the Harry Potter Set for my son? It was delivered the very next day of ordering and, the little boy’s shining face spoke his mind. He was ecstatic and, was of the opinion, that, the arcane presence of the Hogwarts School of Magic was involved in it.
giftwrapping-1500x1500One of my friends, after his break-up sent a cute, big teddy to her girlfriend on her birthday through Flipkart. It was delivered timely and, they patched up after a few weeks. (some credit definitely go to the site).
Flipkart‘s fast delivery helped me to fulfill such small wishes of my near and dear ones. Be it books, clothing, electronics or home decor- it has something in store for everyone. My mom-in-law was overjoyed seeing the golden brass-made gorgeous Ganapati statuette. It was her long-reared wish to have one. When I handed over my father the CDs of the Complete Works of Pt. Ravi Shankar, his joys knew no bounds.
We live with the hope to fulfill our dreams. We try to achieve what we wish for. There must be bigger purposes too, for which we aspire and set the goal accordingly. But, there’s always a little bit of joy associated with fulfilling small wishes, of yourself and, of others. Because, such wishes always redefine life for us, making it happier. Celebrate life with #EveryWishFulfilled.

26 responses to “Fulfilling Every Wish

  1. Nice post Maniparna. I liked how you have integrated the flipkart into your writing and brought out a nice story out of it.. really cool :).. It has got everything, a little bit of poetry, a personal touch and a bit of flipkart as well. nicely done 🙂

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  2. Dreams and wishes are a viscous circle. Most of us get trapped. But this post is all about mom and flipkart… and earrings. Wonder when my mom would learn how to switch on a pc and buy me something 😛

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  3. Beautiful post soul-sis.. Loved the opening poem girl !! that set the tone of the post for me ..full of emotions and lyrical ..yes even your crying over the missing ear-ring seemed lyrical after the verse 🙂 🙂 .

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