670px-Be-a-Good-Grandmother-Step-6 Her calm, sweet, smile never waned for me
Her presence, as soothing as the shade of a tree
Her lullaby, that magical tune
With fairy dust, sleep was sewn.
Her memories, even precious than gold
Those feeble hands, again I want to hold.
She had a fragrance of her own, so dear to me
Oh! Dida*! How can I forget thee!

Dida*- Maternal grandmother
Shared with Midweek  Motif ~ Honoring our Elders

84 responses to “She

  1. I can feel the warmth and love.
    Such a sweet poem. And I so, so love that second line –beautiful analogy, Maniparna. 🙂

  2. Great to have a grandmom like her and great to have a granddaughter like you who feels and writes this!

  3. I do understand about the fragrance of your grandmother. There is an elderly aunt of mine whose fragrance I remember, and whenever I smell that scent today I think of her. Such memories run deep.

  4. Blessing to have a Dida like her … Its beautiful soul-sis. your words flow like a gentle stream cool and caressing the soul..lyrical 🙂

  5. Beautiful and touching, you always bring out my emotional side and being English that is something rare for me as I tend to live up to my national stereotype.

    • Oh! That’s perhaps one of the greatest compliments I ever got…:-)

      I’m aware of the national stereotyping of the English, so, I’m really overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

      As I’ve already said, your comments always inspire me… 🙂

    • You keep writing and I will be happy, I may not get to your blog half as much as I would wish to but when I do I know I am guaranteed quality and thoughtfulness. I’m glad I can inspire you, it makes me proud that I do and I have a big smile on myself.

  6. I rarely get time to be with her! But every time we talk, she reminisces my summer holidays! They’re the sweetest 🙂

  7. The love of grandmothers is so safe and warm that memories of their love last a lifetime. What a beautiful tribute Maniparna.

  8. Lovely ~ I think it illustrates how the memory of our grandparents becomes entwined with the fairy tales they told us ~ and our memories are richer for it!

  9. Oh to have had a soothing grandmother with a voice like fairy dust! I honor mine in her own way, because she was all steel and activism and left the softness to her daughter, my mom.

  10. A beautiful & heart-warming tribute for your Dida ❤
    She seems like a wonderful personality 🙂
    Lots of love

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