Watch Out!

Our personality is a distinctive pattern that makes each one of us individual and unique. The attitude, behaviour, tendency, inclination, and the way a person carries itself help us much to build an idea of the essential traits of character. And, of course, the personality of a person very much depends on attire and accessories. Though not the quintessence of one’s personality, but these definitely help to jazz up the same.


Among the accessories, watches are one of the most important ones that matters a lot. The reasons are; it is an essential gear, never it seems that you’re carrying it purposefully aiming to etch an impression, it suits all, irrespective of age and gender. 

If we think carefully, our hands are in constant motion throughout the day, everywhere, whether we are eating, reading, writing or simply talking to someone, we tend to use our hands. Our body language communicates a lot, sometimes even more than words and, watches thus automatically become the focal point of attention. A blank wrist looks as bland as a dish without salt! 

Going by the gut feeling while choosing a watch is not so advisable because a watch always sends the message of who you are and speaks a volume about your personality. The message from your wrist can either make it or break it and, this is especially true for men for whom, often,  a wrist watch is the only accessory to adorn with grace at workplaces.

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A simple white/black dialled round watch exudes a minimal sense of style and dignity. If you want to be stylish and yet not over the top, go for a dark dialled chronograph. It will accentuate with personality in the right direction. A quirky type of wristwatch is only suitable while hanging out with friends. Never try it at your workplace. 

For women, the range of choices is broader and, most women prefer picking watches according to the occasion,  mood, outfit, and other related accessories.


Whatever be your choice, always go for branded watches. Watches are not only timekeepers, they also help us to face the world with punctuality and confidence. A branded watch definitely boosts up your personality adding a dash of spiffiness to it. Investing in a classy watch is always worth it as you can even pass it down to the future generation.

The nifty little piece on your wrist says a lot about you. So, strap on something that carries you aplomb, anywhere and everywhere and, is perfectly in sync with your personality.

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19 responses to “Watch Out!

  1. Nice post in the time when watch is becoming an endangered species in the mobile age…perhaps time is running away fast and it need to catch up with its fashion and trend, watch used to make our personality statement but new mobile is making it, now mobile is becoming the de-facto time keeper.

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  2. I once heard one of my friend saying the first few things that we notice about men are his shoes, watches and maybe the tie.. I love watches and I ended up buying one recently as well. The fasttrack collection is pretty cool and the fossil one is amazing. I cant get enough of the new one I got 😀 😀

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