Facing Gynaecological Problems in Kolkata


The day didn’t show any ominous sign as Chandrika started it with a cup of green tea. Her husband, Dinesh was still sleeping. He usually woke up at 7.00 am and by then Chandrika had served breakfast. A brisk bath and, he were at the breakfast table. A brief conversation and while Chandrika was getting ready for her office, Dinesh would have left.

But, all went wrong on that fretful day. Dinesh had already left and, Chandrika was about to leave when an excruciating pain numbed her senses. The abdominal pain made her cry, she was trying to vent out her grief but failed to utter a single word. The pain was slowly overcoming her, she was succumbing to it, with tearful eyes.

Six months back while they were still in their hometown, Chikmagalur, she faced this bout of pain. They immediately contacted their family physician and, after a plethora of tests suggested by him,  Chandrika was detected with multiple chocolate cysts or endometriosis in her left ovary. The doctor suggested that they better first rely on medicines before opting for the surgical cure. And, there she was, gulping down four tablets a day.

Just a month ago, they had been shifted to Kolkata and, the regular routine of her life changed drastically. She missed several daily doses of her medicines and now, here she was, cowering on the sofa in a foetal position as the pelvic pain was overpowering her.

Chandrika tried to call Dinesh but found that she had left her cell phone in the bedroom. The distance between the hall and the bedroom seemed to be unachievable. She garnered all that was remained of her strength to reach the bedroom. Grabbing her phone, she called Dinesh. A brief conversation and, he at once turned his car, worried and anxious.

ovarian cyst symptoms affect woman

Dinesh was feeling perplexed at the moment. They were new to the city and, he was clueless about where to get one of the best gynaecologists in Kolkata! Suddenly, he remembered his colleague Ananda Bose, who had become quite friendly with him in the past few weeks. He called him immediately and garnered all the information he could while driving.

Within 20 minutes, Dinesh was back home and made an urgent appointment with a reputed clinic where one can get immediate medical support from the most reputed obstetricians and gynaecologists in Kolkata. Some immediate scans and tests and, the doctors suggested a surgery or else the cysts might rupture making Chandrika’s condition more complicated. The nervous couple was also assured, that, the surgery was not at all risky.

A few weeks later, Dinesh and Chandrika were celebrating their third marriage anniversary. Dinesh’s colleague, Bose and his wife, were special guests and, Chandrika thanked them profusely for the life-saving information provided by them on the fretful day.




52 responses to “Facing Gynaecological Problems in Kolkata

  1. Well-narrated story but I felt it was a like a chapter from a full story. Kept me hooked till the end and hopefully I could see more coming on your way Maniparna 🙂

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  2. One never knows when disaster strikes. Glad that the problem was sorted out. I know many a times illness is not diagnosed properly. Wrong treatment initiated. Further complicating the problem. Nice message through a nice story.

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  3. An awareness post as an emotional story …only you could have done with hat soul-sis!!
    One is so drawn into Chandrika’s agony … Glad it all turned put well for them .Its so necessary to have such info at your hand in a new place ..

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    • True, actually, I witnessed a similar incident years ago, one of our neighbours….that was the era of land phones…the lady was too naive to have the official numbers of the husband…didn’t know Bengali (they shifted to Kolkata just weeks ago) ..it was sheer bad luck for her. She had to spend a long time in the hospital. 😦


  4. Glad he could take a U-turn and was not stuck in the traffic. Imagine that situation. You always need to keep the phone number of a neighbor handy if you were to live as a family.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. These little complications can cause a lot of stress and pain. Cysts are fairly curable but the problem most women are not even aware of it. A good doctor can solve this problem. I feel women should go for regular check-ups.

    Btw Maniparna, what happened to your custom domain? You had one, right?

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    • You’ re right Saru, most women neglect their minor health issues which give rise to great complications later….

      Nope dear, I never had one…have just changed the theme. I’m thinking to go for a custom domain though… 🙂


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