Chandipur, an Ideal Weekend destination

The hustle and bustle of the city life takes a toll on us. The body, as well as the mind, aspires for frequent breaks. An extended weekend is most welcome as it provides the chance for a short trip, arranged in haste. This time, a three-day-weekend became the reason for a mad debate on what should be the ideal destination. After a heated discussion finally we zeroed down to Chandipur, Odisha.
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Chandipur is only 16 km from Baleswar or Balasore and is one of the many beaches in Odisha on the coastline of Bay of Bengal. Chandipur has the usual beauty and attractions of a sea beach, but a rarity has made it one of its kind. In any other beach, the waves come and go relentlessly, the continuous sound of the waves always keeps you aware of their mighty presence, but here the waves “vanish” at times and, come back again dancing with the rhythm of their own music.

Yes, here the sea ‘vanishes’ during the ebb tide! Wondering? Actually at Chandipur beach the sea recedes up to 5 km during the low tide. It’s a great watch as the sea surges or retreats.

The sea during ebb tide

The sea during ebb tide

1-ChaNdipur 056

Surrounded by tall Casuarina trees swaying their heads in the breeze, with some temporary shops here and there, the beach is still very much pollution free and peaceful.

This wonder of nature gives the tourists the pleasure of walking through the sea literally when it’s ebb tide. Even you can take a jeep ride if you like. The sea surges back at regular intervals, so there is no risk involved. Millions of red crabs and their holes are to be seen on the beach. The crabs are of different types according to the locals. Perhaps the uniqueness of the sea has given rise to the biodiversity of the nature.
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Sand Art

Sand Art

We stayed at the OTDC Panthanibas resort, a decent place with wonderful room-service. They also arrange car services if you want to visit the adjoining places of interest around Chandipur. We visited the Panchalingeswar Temple which is about 45km from Chandipur.

The serenity of the temple, nestling between the verdant Nilgiri hills, will rejuvenate your mind. The five ‘lingams’ symbolizing Lord Shiva are to be found at the top over which runs a perennial waterfall. You’ve to go barefoot to reach the top climbing a flight of stairs.

Way to Panchalingeswar

Way to Panchalingeswar

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The quaint beauty of Chandipur, along with the “vanishing sea” can be your ideal weekend destination.

Here is a very short glimpse of the sea during the high tide.

OTDC Panthanibas booking details are here

75 responses to “Chandipur, an Ideal Weekend destination

  1. That is sea in the video how come it has muddy water?… looks like the temple surround by nature had its charms as well…especially the water falls and hills… You have seen a lot more ofcourse, Puri and places I was a photo in another blog page. When did you go there summer time?… there is some turtle hatching in a place in Orrissa, I think Chatrapur beach or something… reading about that only got to know something about Orissa, surprised it has so many beaches. I hear these places in Andhra always affected due to cyclones, anyway.

    • The water was increasing at that time…it was the sand mixing with water that gave it the color…🙂

      Yes, Chatrapur is a beach in the Baleswar distrcit, near Gopalpur.

      You know much about the state..:-) Thanks so much for commenting, dear…🙂

  2. Your post with beautiful shots and write up tempting us to visit this place.Is the shivalingam under the river?Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Hmm! what a beautiful place. The serene surrounding makes it an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Nice post Maniparna.

  4. Beautiful place, beautiful pictures and the minute I saw it was a beach I was all excited🙂

  5. Beautiful pictures..and looks like an interesting place. I particularly am intrigued about panchlingeshwar. Is it a natural formation? Is the pict in the post?

    • Thanks Lata ..:-)

      Yes, it’s a natural formation. Actually, you’ve to lie down to touch the lingams under the water. We visited during the monsoons and the waterfall was running with full strength. So we didn’t get the chance to touch it. If the main attraction is Panchalingeswar, I suggest you to visit during the winter. Summer is extremely hot and climbing those stairs might take a toll.

  6. Now that looks like a serene getaway Mani ! Loved the images specially the one with scattered shells on the sand .. you have used in one of your prompts too na !
    I was made aware of the vanishing sea while answering the quiz for Amrita .. so today I was glad to see a post I know something about beforehand .. he he🙂

  7. I have lived in Gopalpur Odisha for a year and the beach beauty is different from other tourist places. Havnt visited Chandipur though. Definitely will go when my husband gets posted here again.

  8. naaiceyy!! That looks like quite a trip Maniparna🙂.. I have been wanting to go to Orissa from such a long time. The coast looks amazing, and the natural landscape too. I love it for their art too. Would love to check some of their tribal art forms. I had met one of the tribal artists in Mysore when he was here to perform. Amazing stuff!

    • True, the art and artifacts of Odisha are really praiseworthy. Also, the architectural splendour of temples. Chandipur is a peaceful beach and one can enjoy the serenity of the nature.

      Hope you get the chance of visiting the state soon…🙂

  9. Well it’s a pleasure to debate over a place for a weekend getaway. Probably the best heated argument😀

    Orissa is a much lesser known/heard state for me. This was a good look through Orissa. How far is it from your place?

    Those rocks and the sea in the video can make for a good landscape shot provided there is not that much crowd there, and if you have the right kit😀

  10. Oh how very special Maniparna – now I could really relax in Chandipur. Thank you for sharing this place with us.

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