Some words, untold 

Some dreams, unseen
Thoughts; like leaves
Strewed the path
Making way for 
Friendship, not made.
Hope; like flowers
Is spreading fragrance
Of happiness, unfelt.

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78 responses to “Life

  1. There’s a curious balance here between desire/promise and unfulfillment. I would live in the enticing smell for a while, conjuring the dream with my jumbled thoughts.

  2. loved the use of words .. conflict , as life is .. untold, unfelt , not made , unseen ..
    life is well, unfair .. and you have just made that unfair-ness beautiful ..
    LOVED it Mani !!

  3. You lead the reader down the path (of life) with expectancy and you place bits of resonating conflict (untold, unseen, not made, unfelt.)
    Well written !!!!

  4. As always, such a deep thought so beautifully expressed ! I think I may sound very repetitive but your words provide so much food for thought. The imagery of thoughts lying like leaves, Hope spreading fragrance like flowers – Mesmerizing way to convey your thoughts. 🙂

  5. Beautiful poem. It made me feel sad to think of paths not taken, love not fulfilled, dreams not realized. But this is truth, perhaps for everyone to some degree. Good writing!

  6. Very enjoyable and a wonderful photo to accompany your words. Your poetry is something I love to sink into and contemplate.

  7. Beautiful words and lyrical quality of your expressive verse wonderfully
    portray the life force .Best wishes for LIFE.

  8. Beautiful words and lyrical quality of you expressive verse wonderfully
    portray the life force .Best wishes for LIFE.

  9. Beautiful Maniparna. I love your longer versions and how well you weave the beauty of life into it. The unexpected turns, the bends and the look at a new horizon, all to the beauty of life..

    PS: I like the new theme on the blog, very pleasing to the eye and the readability is really cool.. 🙂

  10. How true that thoughts sow the seeds and pave the way for emotions, dreams, words, actions, and relations. The comparison of thoughts with leaves strewing the path forward is beautiful.

  11. Sometime these lovely words makes us feel so nostalgic and we get lost in the flow of it’s profound meaning. Indeed some words untold and some dreams unseen…life is a beauty.
    We don’t see it…but many times we feel it.

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