Angels and Demons

Chubby cheeks, pair of ponytails dangling so even
The little girl’s smile was envied by the heaven.

Sweetness and purity, it looked so divine
Tingling of silver bells or some wind chime.
Or some waterfall, making a sudden sally
It sounded bliss, river down a green valley.

Little knew the angel of the black profaned hand
Which plucked flowers forcefully from fantasy land.

It eyed the sugary smile and wanted to shatter
The dream in her eyes, the innocence- didn’t matter
He touched and smutched and tainted the bliss
She cringed and flinched and lost her peace.

Pedophilia is increasing thick and fast in every part of the world. Often the victims, little girls, and boys, even fail to understand the extent of the damage done to them. They are often silenced by those brutal perpetrators with threats and tricks. The problem is, those poor kids can’t realize how to give words to their ordeal and, often it becomes too late by the time such heinous acts get dictated. Research says that the tormented little souls often are so much shocked that it leaves a psychological scar on their minds forever. Moreover, often the parents also fail to understand the situation increasing their acrimony.

It’s the duty of every parent to understand the child and support her/him in every way. Any erratic behavior on the child’s part as; unwillingness to attend school, eating disorder, chronic headache or subdued hatred towards a particular person (relative, friends, teachers) should be taken seriously by the parents and, the root cause must be found out. Many a time a known or a trusted person takes the opportunity to molest the kids.

This fresh  piece of news from The Daily Mail almost made me cry. I’ve nothing but hatred towards a pedophile.
I request my readers to spend a little of their time watching this short video to understand the nature of pedophile and how to protect our children from it. It’s our responsibility to protect our kids. Don’t let them become a victim!

Image Courtesy: here

17 responses to “Angels and Demons

  1. the problem is that some people try to rationalize every crime, be it killing of innocent civilians or child sex abuse or rapes committed by adolescents, we worry more about the human rights of criminals and less of victims.


  2. You have taken a very vital problem that our society is facing today. Awareness surely is the solution to this monster problem. Great post on the subject.


  3. Sad times that we live in. This happens everywhere but people should try and avoid this from happening. I hope no one has to go through this.


  4. Perverts to the core, my heartbeat raised reading it Maniparna reading your lines and its a pity there is no safe place these days even for kids.

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  5. A very thoughtful post Maniparna. The first few lines I was admiring the beauty of the words and the definition of innocence, the last few changed my perspective towards a serious threat. most times these poor kids dont even realize what is happening to complain to their parents and sometimes they are too embarrassed to do that. That way the developed countries have a strict law against it and a lot of protection for kids as well. We are yet to get there in India. Kinda reminds me of the Satyameva Jayate episode which was woven beautifully.. A very poignant message..


  6. You have touched upon the subject in a very sensitive manner Maniparna. Hard to imagine how people revert to such acts. The poem is very touching. I must credit you with a very refined depicttion of such a crude thing. Thanks for sharing.

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