The Alien Encounter

The enormous vehicle collided with the hard surface of the planet and left behind a huge trail of smoke. The outer protective carapace of the vehicle just shattered and roared into flames due to the friction with the atmospheric gases and damaged it considerably. One of the occupants of the vehicle, MX1, cried,”Oh, no, now we have to spend some time on this planet to let the vehicle  heal itself naturally”.

The vehicle, ZBZ, sighed, “Just relax and watch the way the inhabitants of this planet, called EARTH, spend their lives”.

MX1: Oh well, so this is the green planet Earth! But do you have any idea how we can get a glimpse of their life within this short span? Of course, we don’t want to roam around the planet, that might create a great hullabaloo. I don’t think our demeanour will be much welcomed.

MX2: Don’t worry, I just  trapped the  programmes these human beings wire through those toy-like satellites and, you can watch anything you like. Lo, here are some clips. Let me know what they call these things. A big word, ad…adv…..advertisements. They are easy to understand, I surmise. Let’s watch.

MX1, MX2, FY1, FY2 and MX6 huddled together to watch the advertisements showing on one of the reputed television channels. ZBZ engaged itself in the healing process. It didn’t show any interest. After all, it was a machine, with an exceptionally high IQ and knowledge.

Suddenly MX6 jumped up. His stick like arms was shivering with some emotions ( we call that emotion anger)

MX6: Hey, these human beings are so greedy. Have you seen what this hunky dude just did to grab a bottle of some black coloured drink? It seems the sole consecration of his life is to grab the bottle! Oh, my! What a waste of energy! You know the amount of kinetic energy he spent to ……. (he continued his blabbering while the other two were watching with deep concentration)
thums up
MX1: These people are so passionate about the bottled liquid. I want to know whether it’s a magic potion sort of thing or not, with miraculous effect on body and mind.

FY2: I think these earthlings are really interesting people. Most of them suffer from various psychological problems. ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) looks like a common one, along with Narcissism. Look how this female is clicking her self-images and, sending them to someone  who is suffering from a serious identity crisis.

tata docomoMX2: You are right. Also, it looks that friendship, camaraderie- such words are not at all liked by them. Look at these old men. These mortal beings are almost on the verge of dying, must have been suffering from diseases like blood sugar, hypertension but, still they are not ready to share those multi-coloured flat tablets! A sensation of what they call ‘bad feeling’ is creeping into my mind.  I’m really feeling happy that planet earth is not included in our territory.

FY1: (Excitedly) Stop fussing about those trivial things and look here. These creatures look exactly like those we’ve seen through our ultra-powerful space scope! I think we located such creatures on the planet VIIIXZBDR, it’s on the Centaurus Galaxy!

FY2: Are you sure? The creatures of the Centaurus Galaxy are still so innocent, their naive nature attracts me. I wonder from where the earthlings trapped these creatures. The earthlings are not so innocent as I can see.

Suddenly MX1 let out a blood-curdling scream. His eyes were coming out of the steel sockets. His arms were almost falling out of the frame of his ‘body’. The others were startled. They looked at him questionably as he pointed out to the screen which was showing the ad of a talcum powder.

Wildstone-TalcMX1: These earthlings are no simpletons. They are dangerous and technically much advanced as it is appearing from this clip! They can change the gender of a person by sprinkling some powder only!!! Listen to what they are saying.

MX2: Really! It’s advanced technology! Much ahead even of us! Oh! Incredible! A mere innocent looking powder is able to change the gender of a man!

wild-stoneAll of them began to talk at a time. One of them called out ZBZ to know whether it has successfully healed itself. On getting an assertive nod, they immediately started their journey back to their home. A huge trail of debris and smoke filled the area.

The next day, all the leading newspapers of the world reported an alien incident. A flying saucer was seen in the sky. There were quite a few eye-witnesses. The scientists were happy that they didn’t do any harm to the planet.


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51 responses to “The Alien Encounter

  1. Hi Maniparna.
    How are you?
    Came over to your blog after seeing your post on Indiblogger.
    We are a married couple from Mumbai, very new to blogging.
    Interesting facts you have shared here.
    Love to see you dropping by at our blog and leaving a comment on our most recent post.
    Best wishes and regards.
    Vee N Ric

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  2. I am laughing Mani .. its hilariously penned ! Loved the dialoguebaazi of the aliens.. but which is this last AD of this pinky guy.. never noticed this one !!
    Best wishes for the challenge/Activity soul-sis 🙂

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  3. I see Akshay Kumar in a collar and he looks cool 😀 And what was that last Ad? I never watched it :O
    Even we are aliens in our own nation these days…politics, hatred & dumbness 😦

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  4. An interesting take on society, it makes ,my fellow humans seem alien with the things they do sometime. I love the confusion of the aliens and their strange wonderment.

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