1-Shantiniketan 068

Home is,
Where  memories stay
Where sorrows become lighter
Where days are bright, nights brighter.

Home is,
Where our quest ends
Where grannies come alive
Where our childhood always thrives.

Home is,
Where we find all the colours 
Where float fairies with gossamery wings
Where we can realize our unseen dreams.

Shared With Poetry 101 Rehab: Home

83 responses to “Home

  1. Nicely done… especially the way it is structured with the word count increasing in every line. Is it a known form of poetry?

  2. Home is where your heart is… it is so nice to be back and to read your posts again… you have a beautiful soul thus your home must be very lovely and beautiful… ❤

  3. Is the pic representative or your very own home? Ur Haiku sent me in memory of all homes I changed so far, and each had its memories. I think each home has an aura and personality

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