What is Truth?


Truth is always a bitter concoction
Never simple, emotional contortion.
Introspection of one’s dormant self
Truth sets you free, light as an elf.

Invisible shackles, of clandestine deeds
Tormenting the soul, poisonous beads.
Truth must be told, to have the respite
Darkness should hide, under the light.

Truth is a mirror, one can’t hide its face
Truth is adorned with peace and grace.


55 responses to “What is Truth?

  1. Truth – is a mirror or a mirage?…it is believed that truth is a mirror but I feel it could also be a mirage when we look at life from the scientific or spiritual lens.
    Lovely thought to ponder…


    • Doesn’t science is a constant endeavour for finding the truth? Spirituality also, in some way, leads us to a truth of its own. Of course, truth changes its shades and perspectives and in that sense, it can be looked upon as a mirage…. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts Nihar… 🙂

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      • Things in life is measured in relative terms and yes both science and spirituality help discover new facets of life.
        So what is true today may not be the case in future when we come to know more about it…


  2. Beautiful verse …. loved each word of it dear but special mention to “light as an elf…Invisible shackles, of clandestine deeds….”
    Of course its silly to pick up certain words but want to stress that these made a greater impact as the image of shackles is so real and true !

    A seemingly harmless lie is baleful and a painful truth is a respite .
    Nicely penned ..so true dear 🙂


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