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Weaved from thousand threads
The rosary of love
Pristine and pure, always
Keeping away the demons
Of hatred, fear, illusion.
Love, that magical potion
Breaks all barriers
Like, Alibaba’s magical chant
Love looks through mind.

❤ Thank you Quirkyshine for nominating me for the Love In Ten Sentences (each line containing four words) Challenge. ❤

Also, acknowledging Prakash‘s nomination for the same.

44 responses to “Love

  1. Such a beautiful write my dear friend! 🙂 I am sorry… I hope this comment isn’t late… been busy… your love poem is so beautiful… I love the rosary of love… full of mystery … yes… 🙂


  2. It wasn’t until I saw the four words per sentence did I realize how beautifully you’ve written it with so ease 🙂 Beautiful Maniparna 🙂


  3. Oh even I thought Alibaba was a thief. So how is he the nice man? You might want to write a post on that now. 😛
    Nice poem on Love and I wonder how managed to keep it in 10 sentences of 4 words each. 😮


  4. Lovely concept . Inspired by your post, my attempt here:

    Love the sweet nothings
    Love the soulful stare
    Love the endless talks
    And vibes we share

    Then the silent space
    And the broken promises
    Clutching on to past
    Till those memories fade

    Any form it takes
    Love makes or breaks


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