Together, They Convert My Weakness Into Strength

We always remember everything that happens for the first time in our life;  our first school, first friend, and, of course, first love.

What I want to share with you today, is my experience with my first job.  My first job was with a reputed bank. Soon after my Masters; I came through an advertisement in an English daily, went for the interview and, after a viva and a written exam, was selected. Though I passed the selection process with flying colours but getting through the pros and cons of the money matter was not so easy. I was learning new things every day.

The “blow” came after two months.Our bank was opening a new branch at Pune and decided to relocate some of the employees there from the Kolkata Branch. I was one of them!

I was never a whining sort of a girl. I was quite self-subsistence and courageous enough to embrace new challenges. But, my Achilles heel was my home and family. I always prefer to return home after a hard day of work and enjoy precious moments with my parents and sister. My sister and I chattered all through the evening and, both of us regurgitated every single fact and figure that had happened in our college and office. It was our daily dose of energy and happiness. Sometimes Maa and even Baba chipped in completing the warm feeling of togetherness. Those were the happiest moments of the day for me and also for my family. How could I manage without my home? That was the most formidable challenge for me.

I didn’t have much love for my two-months-old job. Neither that I badly needed one and, more that I had the belief, I would soon find another one; a more suitable, based-in-Kolkata job. Yes, I was that much desperate and, thought of leaving the job.

But my parents, they’re of different category, they didn’t want to see their daughter as a person who faltered from her duty just because of some weakness.

One weekend, Baba took us for a short trip outside the town. He was quite aware of my grim, moody silence and, the reason was well known. Even the picturesque beauty of the resort failed to melt down the grimace on my face. After getting refreshed, we sat on the lawn. The wind was heavy with the fragrance of jasmine, my favourite flower. The smell was doing its magic, I was feeling relieved a bit after the day-long journey.

Baba then explained, “I know the reason for your concern, I know that we are a tightly-knit unit and, it’s difficult for you to get detached. But life throws many challenges to us and our success depends on how we learn to deal with them. You may leave the job today, but will this weakness ever leave you? Won’t you one day feel ashamed of yourself? Take the challenge and face it. Don’t let the problem weigh upon you, rather, make this weakness your strength. We are always with you and, your success will make as proud.” My mother and younger sister also joined him and talked to me for a long time

. I was gaining confidence slowly but, surely. They were enrooting their strength, hope, and, optimism within me; to make me a more confident person. I realized the strength of being #together. I understood the feeling of togetherness had that much power to provide me enough courage to take the world in my stride. I could see the bright rays of optimism and positivity life was offering me. #Together, my family showed me the right way.

And, I embraced the life ahead.

Recently I’ve come across the site. The uniqueness of the site is, that, they believe in the power of positivity, optimism and togetherness. They understand the magic of these feelings and emotions. is just not another website dealing with housing and real-estate, it is something that motivates and empowers you. Visit them and feel the magic. brandcovertogether


21 responses to “Together, They Convert My Weakness Into Strength

  1. Nice to know you a lil more girl ! Your Baba is a real Hero wale father as instead of keeping you safe in front of his eyes he opted for the Pune thing . These small (?) risks, challenges shape our personalities without our realising it . Great post dear 🙂 Enjoyed reading it 🙂


  2. Getting away from home is tough. I’ve been away from one post my 10th and I still miss being at home. But it is always good to have support from family like this.
    Nice Post. 🙂


  3. Your Baba’s words are filled with power and wisdom. It’s true that we need to be detached or else it fetters progress. The post reminds me of my first job as a journalist post viva and test, something I was unprepared and never intended to take. Call it destiny! Today, it’s been five years in journalism.

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