The Beauty of Udaipur Beach, A Photo Essay

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Among the most popular sea beaches in West Bengal, Digha has the numero uno position. Though there was a time when the beach was a beauty, but now, it can be crowned as the most crowded beach as well. On any of your visit to Digha; you’re likely to meet your ex-boy/girlfriend ( dare not to go if you’ve more than one), your boss, whom you’ve submitted your leave application killing your non-existent uncle for the umpteenth time and, all those relatives and friends you didn’t meet for years!

In spite of all such dangerous possibilities, Digha is still the most favourite holiday destination for Bengalis. Mostly because it’s easily accessible, only about 190 km from Kolkata and, abundance of transport. But recently while spending a weekend in Digha we decided to visit the Udaipur Beach. Though we’ve visited it earlier but we had some friends with us who were yet to witness the serene beauty of Udaipur. Udaipur is just 2 km from New Digha and it takes only 7/10 minutes to reach the spot.
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On first look, the Udaipur Beach might disappoint you as the litterbugs have made it their paradise. Beer bottles, used bottles of mineral water, used paper cup plates and a whole lot of colourful litter is ready to greet you. But as you proceed further  and start taking a lazy stroll along the sea beach, a calm, serene, almost virgin beauty will make you feel enchanted.

Not many people visit the beach on a daily basis and, it’s a great relief to visit it especially after the noisy clamour of Digha. A few fishing boats waiting for their men to take them away out in the sea, casuarina trees thronging together in a desultory fashion and, a few food stalls selling fried crabs, fish, beer, and other nitty-gritty; is all you can find here. But I’m sure you’ll love the perpetual sound of the waves and the smell of the sea, a natural concoction of fish, salt, water, and countless other things.
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The difference between Udaipur and Digha, well, I would like to quote one of  my favourite poets, Robert Frost:

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

87 responses to “The Beauty of Udaipur Beach, A Photo Essay

  1. Loved the opening! So, Maniparna-ish! 😀

    One of my Bengali friends swears by the name of Digha. She terms it as one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Now I know why. The heavy crowd is the testimony of the beauty. I’ve a thing for sunsets and beaches, but I still think that I’ll skip Digha. Unfortunately, I don’t like crowded beaches! Aren’t there any secluded ones, so that if I visit Kolkata, I may decide to loaf around there?

    Very beautiful post and pictures! 🙂

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  2. I love beaches including lake beaches. And the sea food, there is nothing like freshly caught fish for a delicious meal. Thank you for your visit. Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets. I would rather be at the Udaipur Beach. It seems that as I age, quiet brings solace to my being.

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  3. I love sea beaches. And Udaipur sea beach is really beautiful. Loved the post, Maniparna.
    I recently went to Henry island, just few kms from Kolkata. I am sure you would love that place 🙂


  4. Baap re !! Your post has evoked such myriad emotions…
    – first – On reading the post title I wondered ‘Beach in Udaipur’ (Rajasthan) ?? only to realise about this Udaipur 🙂 🙂

    Second – Loved the opening lines regarding Digha Beach 😀 😀 Hilarious 😀 😀

    Third – The beautiful pics and the info .. lazy stroll, almost virgin beach,sound of waves … inviting !

    Fourth – would you believe that from past two days I was reciting (mentally ) Frost’s this ..yes, This Very Poem again n again ! And that just an hour or two back I went to the neighbourhood stationary shop and while browsing took out a book which turned out to be some help book /guide for class 11 th English. I opened it and found this poem staring at me . I mentioned to my son, “Look , this is a beautiful poem by one of my favourite poets ” and now I am reading my words written here !! Goosebumps !


    • The name Udaipur is sure to evoke the smell of Rajashthan 😀

      For the second and third..Thanks dear 🙂

      For the fourth one, you know, we’ve uncanny similarities between us. I’ve ample proof of that 😀 Love you dear… ❤


  5. Nice pictures Maniparna..Trust you has a wonderful weekend 🙂 I hope more and more people stop littering the sad to see beautiful beach ruined because of humans’ garbage…


  6. Lovely pics (although the last one gave me the heebie jeebies :D). The second one is so unusual. Was the colourful tent put up for some small event/function?

    Also, I’ve nominated you for a Thomas Cook photoblogging challenge on my blog, because I would love to see your representation of the themes. 🙂 Do check it out! (Deadline’s 16 March midnight UK time)


  7. This is nice, I shall also choose to miss a beach with the dangerous possibilities and choose the right one 🙂 When I go here, I shall try to quote Lord Tennyson though 😀
    *It will also be a busy beach by the time I visit 😉

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  8. There’s nothing quite like visiting deserted beaches or almost-deserted ones. I’m guessing that towards evening this place becomes a haunt for beer lovers.
    The first two pictures are lovely.

    And the last two images — quite a catch, huh! 🙂


  9. I never knew about “Udaipur” beach in Digha! Udaipur conjures up images of Rajasthan!
    Plus, I thought Puri is the most favorite holiday destination of Bengalis 🙂


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  11. This is a fantastic view of a serene piece of the world. I love your writing style in describing things honestly without removing the pride and wonder in your home. One thing that saddened me greatly was when Ajay told me he could not see the stars and moon from his home, in one of the highly populated cities, due to the light pollution but he found serenity in the gardens he visited on the weekends. Serenity, peace, stillness and quiet are extraordinarily valuable when they are in short supply. Thank you for sharing a piece of your paradise.

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    • Thanks Tina, your comment always made me smile. You’ve such a loving attitude dear 🙂

      Yes, you’re right. Pollution in big cities along with sky scrapers has made it almost impossible to get a considerable glimpse of the sky above, studded with diamonds. Nature has a soothing effect on us and I always feel so peaceful and happy amidst nature. 🙂

      Thanks again for such a wonderful comment.

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  12. Robert Frost is amazing. I love everything that he wrote. Especially stopping by the woods.

    Udaipur beach reminds me of my first short story. Something similar to this but in a different way 😛

    I loved the way you portrayed meeting ex bf/gf or boss. I think we shouldn’t take risk, and go to a calm less crowded beach. 😛 Hope you didn’t get caught by your boss (unless you are the boss :P)

    Thanks for sharing Mani!!!

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