12 responses to “Haiku: Memory

  1. ‘In tryst with the past ‘ Its magical wal beautiful …. Actually I read the lines first and found them real nice but then I saw the title ‘Memory’ and the words gained depth … loved it dear … 🙂 A gamut of emotions, in so few words …Awesome one ..


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  4. Maniparna i believe people like simple haikus.This is bit difficult for me.Again i guess the inner meaning here is the catch right?what happened to gulgul?it was free of cost to put in your site and free of cost for bloggers coming here to play right?
    Anyways something strange accidentally happens when we write something right?i just wrote the line an old clock striking six later when i thought old can also be compared to old age and 6 to 6 feet for burrying dead people.
    I have a query.Don’t you ever feel compelled to take a break or stop blogging or stop reading other blogs for a while 😛 you really seem to be very hard working for me.Anyways keep it up 🙂


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