Fire of Passion

1-HOLI 138 Love
Like sun 
When ablaze
Melts everything

The passion within
Oh! freezing yet fiery
A symphony together
As final cadences approach
Ecstasy and agony entwined
Love, magnum opus of the Creator.

This is an Etheree.  Etheree is a ten-line poetry ascending in syllable count for ten unrhymed lines. It’s attributed to an American poet, Etheree Taylor Armstrong of Arkansas. An Etheree should focus on one idea or subject.
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63 responses to “Fire of Passion

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  2. I like writing Etheree too, it gives our imagination a different high 🙂 yours passionate and superbly created Maniparna 🙂


  3. Its Beautiful Mani ! I found it fiery and passionate in a subdued sort of way and the images goes so well with it or vice versa 🙂
    And Thanks for the new form … you have followed the rules and kept the idea and emotion sizzling !
    Love n cheers friend 🙂


  4. Hi!! Greetings my friend!! I would like to nominate you for the fun write “Spread the Love Challenge”. This was just passed on to me by Miss Vonita Buirski (link to her poem and thought of you as a new challenger…  Just feel free to join… you are not obligated somehow…  Thank you and do hope to read your version. 
    Here’s the link to my Love in ten sentences:
    Thank you and be well!!! 


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