Welcome The Change

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”– Winston Churchill

Change is indeed a powerful force having the capability to make life better. Change denotes development towards a better future.It is said time changes everything, but we must make ourselves able enough to accept those changes. In other words, the change should come from within, along with time.

I admit that change is sometimes difficult, but at the same time, it’s also for the best. We have to come out of our comfort zone to accept changes. It’s the only way through which we can improve our situations, chase our dreams. If we can think big, think different, we can eventually bring subsequent changes in our life.

There are certain changes in everybody’s life which  are significant enough. Sometimes changes come all of a sudden like a flood, sometimes it keeps on crawling continuously; slowly but surely.

After my ICSE exam, during the break, I wanted to do some short course on anything that will be helpful for me in the future. But the time-span was too short and, I couldn’t find any suitable one. One of my friends one day called me up and informed that she was joining a monthlong summer camp organized by a reputed club of Kolkata. The participants would be needed to stay in a tribal village in the Purulia district of West Bengal for a month. They would participate in various activities including general health and hygiene awareness, importance of educating children and such other things. Students from different schools and colleges were participating in the camp. I felt inspired. I asked my parents whether they would allow me to spend a whole month outside home. They’re initially reluctant but, then changed their mind. They wanted me to experience the change. My mother told me, “It’s your first big step on your own. You need to be careful, attentive, disciplined and dutiful. I hope you’ll learn a lot of new things in life from the camp and, it has even the potential to change the way you look at life.”

And, Maa was right! Coming out of the comfort zone of the urban, lavish household and, experiencing the rural hardships, was not an easy job for a teenager. We were all by ourselves in that village. We had to do all work in rotation; from cooking to washing clothes. We used to take classes in the morning. Life at the camp indeed changed my ways. I learnt a lot about people, society, and culture. It made me more self-dependent, responsible and observant. I first tried my hands at cooking and even mastered the art of making bowls by stitching big leaves of the sal trees.

Years after, when I went to Mumbai for my first job, I was all alone. But I was wiser this time. That one month at the camp, the things I learnt to live life all by myself, helped me a lot. I was changed, from within.

At Housing.com, they also think in the same line, that change signifies moving forward and living better. Changes are always accompanied by optimism. It brings out the best of us. Housing.com is a step ahead but, still with you to help you bring the change in life with happy housing. A unique site dealing with everything you want to know about housing and real estate, all under one roof.

I’ve already recommended this site to my sister, as she is in need of a new home and, she has thanked me profusely. Explore Housing.com to #StartANewLife. Watch this video, understand the visions of Housing.com and get inspired.


19 responses to “Welcome The Change

  1. I truly believe that challenges and changes are related one to the other… Most times we grow up and improve through them!… Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. All my best wishes to you. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Comfort zones are a challenge to break out of but it is so great to do something that changes you and inspires other people. I constantly feel the need to do something different, typically life gets in the way!


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