The Connection

I was gliding softly. The place was confined and, I had no way to escape. I waited patiently. I knew one day my confederate would find out a way to end my captivity. She was working on it, meticulously. Her success was slow but sure. She stopped in front of me for a moment, her velvety black body reflected on my shiny surface. She purred and, her green slinky eyes gleamed in ominous amusement.


Abhay was late for his office as usual. While rummaging the cupboard for his tie, he shouted for Ramya, “Where the hell are you? Busy feeding that stupid cat? Will you bother to come and help me?”

Ramya didn’t care to answer. She was tired of this everyday drama. She knew that Abhay couldn’t tolerate her cat, whose silky black body resembled the most expensive Persian fur. Ramya failed to fathom how an innocent creature could have so much impact on their conjugal life. Abhay was too much superstitious. Was it her cat’s fault that her mother-in-law tripped down the stairs, the very day it was brought to the house? It was just a little kitty then.

Six months ago, Ramya, while returning from her office, found that poor creature by the side of their main gate. It was shivering, a small black ball, with half-open eyes. Ramya at once fell in love with it and from that day, it was able to steal all her attention. She caressed her pet as it was busy drinking milk from the big bowl.

Abhay was shouting at the top of his voice. His usual petulance reached its pinnacle. Ramya couldn’t take it anymore as she heard him hurling some abusive words for her and her cat. She put the cat aside and stood up,”everything has a limit and, I’ll make him understand this today.”

As Ramya strode off to her bedroom, the feline creature quietly went down to the lawn and sat beside the gate, where she was first discovered by Ramya, six months ago.

I was enjoying their harangue, as they were attacking each other with the filthiest of words …. sounded musical to me. I was feeling impatient for I knew that the moment has arrived. I was waiting eagerly for the impending blow. Then it came. The man named Abhay erupted in anger as he picked me up with all his might and threw me down on the floor! Oh! The Sweet sound of shattering glass. Millions of reflections on the floor. The woman stood still, utterly shocked and, I was free!

As the man hurriedly came out of the house, I danced in joy getting my first prey after years. My ally was there; she was waiting outside. As he went out of the gate and was about to cross the road, she made him stop abruptly in the middle. A speeding car failed to stop and, within seconds I felt rejuvenated. The smell of blood, fresh and pure…I was satisfied. 

Me and my feline cohorts, we were reunited, once again. 

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34 responses to “The Connection

  1. Wow! What a story! And so thrilling! I, in fact am a cat lover and love black cats the most. I was riveted till the end and got goosebumps at the end. Didn’t know about this aspect of your writing, Maniparna!

    You know what? This story inspired me to write a spooky story about cats. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really feel bad when people are superstitious about Black cats. I mean they look so majestic! This story is really spooky. Loved the narration. Awesome Mani! 😀


  3. Superstitions are etched in our mind in some ways…The one for black cats or sneeze for example… I try to consciously try to not think about it..But sometimes it happens out of habit…

    Eerie, that was, by the way 🙂


  4. Maniparna,

    Lovely. I had to re-read to understand all of it 🙂 The mysterious writing left me confused towards the beginning. I love such head twisters 🙂


  5. Oh that was eerie! Enjoyed reading the story. Somehow I like cats. Yeah they have an attitude but would a cat really be so spooky ? Don’t know Maniparna if such beliefs really mean something or are these entirely baseless. Nonetheless interesting.


  6. Oooohhh, mysterious and spooky. Enjoyed very much. Plus I love black cats. Used to have a big one and this one family I knew wouldn’t come around after they saw him with me. They said I was a witch. I didn’t know people still believed those things. 🙄

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