Love is, what remains
When you’re burnt within.
Ambrosial touch of the lips
Sensuous soothing feeling
Of the skin,Β melting and
Encompassing, like a fire
Whose flames dance
With every beat of the heart.
With every touch
My soul unites with yours.
You garner every bit of mine
Making them a whole.
You and me, my love
Two bodies, one soul.


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72 responses to “Love

  1. Well Mani, love and you are the best combination possible…including beauty and you and depth and you and many such more…. Loved it immensely…special mention to the words “what remains….when you’re burnt within…” ..
    Real deep and real true.:)


  2. Beautiful πŸ™‚ You know, what remains between Friday the 13th and the Valentines 14th is the soul that stay awake at midnight, two bodies – one dead, one living πŸ˜€


  3. great opening lines….i could contemplate those first two lines for a while…
    esp when you consider the symbolism of fire…and ash being what would usually remain..
    or a phoenix rising again…


  4. To express the power of love, we need the right choice of words to depict the emotion and the feelings that gets manifested. Your choice of words are great and the thought behind is really nice…lovely poem.

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