Not Beyond Us

Silent hunter, he stealthily creeps into one’s body
Expands his empire conquering numerous cells.
Numbness, agony, pain: his cahoots
Poisonous stings pour venom, effortlessly.

Metastatic measures, he is the ultimate one
Harbinger of doleful knell
Horrified humans, weep, bleed, die.
Helplessness, their only respite.

Dentate monster, Cancer is thy name.
We will win over you, you shan’t be seen, ever again!
We will unmask and heal your pathetic face
Wounds you made, will remain as cicatrices.

Cancer, the very name of this disease gives us a shiver down our spine. Millions of people worldwide are fighting against cancer, with their indomitable will power and positive approach towards life. 4th February 2015 is World Cancer Day. “Taking place under the tagline ‘Not beyond us’, World Cancer Day 2015 will take a positive and proactive approach to the fight against cancer, highlighting that solutions do exist across the continuum of cancer, and that they are within our reach.”

This poem is shared with Poets United’s Mid-week Motif ~ Cancer
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52 responses to “Not Beyond Us

  1. A very thoughtful post Maniparna. Reminds me reading of Lance Armstrong and how he fought cancer. And also an initiative by a dear friend of mine – 100 for you where they are trying to support young patients and showing them how strong they are over this deadly disease..

  2. well its scary.. recently i heard that soon everyone of us will be in contact of this dreaded disease somehow or the other .. which makes it so scaryyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. A poem on cancer !! and that good .. Bravo Mani 🙂
    Though it can be curbed now , still its a deadly disease .. i shiver by the name of it and salute the cancer survivors and their families..

  4. Dentate monster, Cancer is thy name.
    We will win over you, you shan’t be seen, ever again!
    We will unmask and heal your pathetic face
    Wounds you made, will remain as cicatrices. well penned words ! Hope everyone will win over this.

  5. Very well written. We must defeat this terrible disease. It is taking on ppl in every family I kno…:-(

  6. My Pa is a survivor Mani and Cancer not only infects the person but the family. It requires great strength from all. And after you survive you are not the same person you once were. Nice creation there.

  7. Cancers are as diverse as we are. Some are currently incurable, others can be slowed or even stopped for a while and yet others are eminently curable. Gradually we will gain dominance over them all but not before many more tears are shed.

  8. yes we must band together to fight cancer…eliminating the environmental poisons in the air we breathe and the insecticides used on our crops for starters….cancer causing agents !

  9. I have seen my aunt suffer b die of it in front my eyes and we could save her. Yes cancer is painful .. Dangerous. Survivor might have had a great will power. Lets fight it together .
    Great post. Arey font colour to change karo

  10. Thank you for your honest and hopeful post. I hope your prediction comes soon – that cancer is irradicated from the issues of medical books.

  11. i can hope that we win…i like how you give it the feel of an invading army…or a monster that lurks, creeping in…as it is…but i like the battle charge to face it there in the end as well…

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