The Great Indian Litterbug

The Great Indian Litterbug’s day starts as his wife serves him breakfast. He is a busy person and prefers to read the newspaper while having his daily dose of banana and toast. After finishing his banana, he loves to throw the skin outside through the open window. It is such fun! He dreams of a day when he could eat a dozen of bananas and throw all the skins on the open road. It would be so exciting to see people meandering their ways in order to avoid stepping over on them. To his wife’s horror, he laughs aloud imagining the scene.


After finishing the breakfast, while preparing for office, he noticed some old memos in his pocket. Within  seconds, he makes a ball out of them and again…he throws them out of the window. This time he targets the roadside litter bin but eventually misses it. “Oh! bad throw! my performance is even worse than the Indian cricket team, have to practice more”. He again takes some old, used packets, makes a ball and throws it targetting the litter bin….and again misses. “I’ll try again later. After all practice makes perfect”. Now don’t take all these pranks seriously. After all, our Litterbug is just too childish and fun-loving.

Our Great Indian Litterbug has a habit of chewing betel leaves. Eventually, he needs to spit while chewing those bitter leaves and he believes that he has been appointed by The Almighty to paint every nook and corner with his stained saliva. The colour red looks exceptionally good when he spits on white walls. He actually knows the art of spitting. He sometimes makes it coming out with great force so that it can even left some traces on the shirt of the nearby person. Sometimes a little “thuuuuk” but a lot comes out. It’s a classic example of ‘plain spitting, high staining’. An art which is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Mr. Litterbug also loves to play football with the used mineral water bottles. Awww…..just like a naive little kid. But there is a difference. A good-natured kid finally picks up the bottle and throws it into the dustbin, but our man finds that beyond his dignity. He happily throws empty food packets  here and there.
Words like ‘dustbin’, ‘litter bin’ are absent in his dictionary.


The Great Indian Litterbug always feels a dire urge to answer the nature’s call while on the road.  Now, finding a public toilet is like finding a needle in a haystack! So he prefers to spray his water on the walls. Anywhere  and everywhere. Oh my! don’t curse him for this! He is so innocent. You just can’t expect him to loiter around searching for a toilet with a tremendous abdominal pressure! Have some mercy on the poor soul.

So it’s quite clear from the chronicle of the Great Indian Litterbug that everything he does, he does it with great determination and comfort. He believes that public property means one can use it in every possible way, even creating a nuisance to others. He is, after all, not an ordinary person. He is our national hero, the Great Indian Litterbug.

To know more, visit the website of and watch this video 😀

This post is written as a part of the IndiChange Campaign in association with The Great Indian and Indiblogger

The memes used here are made by me with the help of meme generator.



39 responses to “The Great Indian Litterbug

  1. Last year, we had meticulously separated dry and wet garbage in our buildings. The BMC collected the bags …and dumped them all together! What was the whole point of training us citizens when the goal was never intended to be reached?


  2. And a lot of rich interests think that littering our skies with carbon dioxide is something they are entitled to do so that they can make as much money as possible — who cares about the planet or anyone else?

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  3. ‘plain spitting, high staining’. An art … lolzzz…. I hope every great Indian litterbug reads this and corrects him/herself. Wonderfully written! I have shared it in my social network.

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  4. Another good one from you Maniparna. Very nicely put. Not to bring up the gender issue here but still can’t resist saying that I just don’t understand this strange urge of men to pee on the roads ..I mean you don’t see women doing the same. Don’t know if such campaigns will drill some sense…but genuinely hope they do.

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  5. Hahhaha……I am in admiration for this term ‘Litterbug’. Just gave in my entry for this campaign. I realize that these campaigns make the blogger contemplate on the subject. However, I am unsure if the blog posts lead to any social change in reality. I mean the campaigns in general; not your post. Your post was geniune.

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