Nyctophilia, In Love With Darkness

1-Beauty 179
Darkness of night, seductive but shy
Conjures secrets, silently they lie
Sorrows and wounds, clandestine
Some are infamous, some benign.

I want to hold the darkness, layer by layer
It makes you confess, past sins, crystal clear
Getting rid of them, rubbing the dark out of mind
Somewhere, a rose blooms, darkness behind.

Mind opens up when it’s dark
Dearth of light, truth doth lurk

83 responses to “Nyctophilia, In Love With Darkness

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  2. Darkness is always spurned by nearly everyone. May be, because it it’s secretive and hides everything. Light is always temporary. A burst of limited energy in the universe, which always remain constant, as per Einstein. That’s the reason the infinite universe is dark.

    Loved the line, ‘I want to hold the darkness – layer by layer’! Don’t know why, it sounds so mystical! It was very beautiful poem, Maniparna!

    Always loved darkness and black. Didn’t know that it had a name too! Nyctophilia! 🙂

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  3. The peace, the tranquillity and the beauty of darkness. At one end it is the hope of a new bright day and at the other, well you know what I am getting at.. I think I am a bit too metaphysical today.. Might be the movie I watched 😀 😀 .. Good one Maniparna 🙂

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  4. Hold the darkness but only till it allows you to get ready for the light 🙂 That’s how I see the meaning of darkness. Lovely expression, Mani. As always!


  5. Shimmering words talking of dark. I loved your poem, Maniparna. So, thoughtfully created.

    Since, your blog is one of the best that I know I nominate you for Very Inspiring Blog Award. 🙂
    Your award here.


  6. List of ‘philias’ is quite interesting… like recently I came across Clinophilia (abnormal affinity for bed) and identified it in me 😛
    “Getting rid of them, rubbing the dark out of mind”- anyway this is temporary relief I feel… Nicely penned Maniparna 🙂


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