For Those Children


For what they were killed, they would never know.
Some zealots without heart, brain or conscience
The sound of bullets, music to them.
Meek cries, those frightened eyes, innocent faces
Nothing could melt their hearts which pumped poison
Insouciant killers, violence and terror, their religion.

The world is numb, humanity is profaned
Watching with teary eyes, will it ever end?
Stop killing in the name of religion for we all are same
Watching us up there, Ram, Jesus, Allah …what’s in a name?

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55 responses to “For Those Children

  1. My heart goes out for them…the thought of it is making me feel so distressed. How can somebody do this, such lovely innocent children…nothing short of ultimate barbarism…God bless those little souls with peace…may God give lots of courage to their parents…


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  3. Pakistan is descending into a failed state….. Chickens have at last come home to roost! They are unknowingly killing the future of the nation….. No Polio camps, No female education, Now killing innocent school kids….. We have to be on high alert! You can change your friends but you cant unfortunately change your neighbour.


    • I think the normal citizens of Pakistan or any other country….they never condone such violence and fanaticism…they’re normal human beings like you and me….it’s the so called leaders who have reared and fed terrorism for their own purpose and now they’ve become Frankensteins…the whole lot of them..


  4. My heart aches for the innocence so callously discarded. It must stop. Millennia after millennia of mass murders in the name of a perverted devotion to a god that would never, ever condone such evil.


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