Winter and the Old Man

1-1-ChaNdipur 009-001

Feeble hands and weary eyes
Bereft of hope
Warmth, which they fail to hold
Bleak morning, dull sunlight, grayish gold

Geometric lines on his face
Age… an insane painter. 
Frail skin, winter’s easy prey 
Eternal cold, on his way.

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34 responses to “Winter and the Old Man

  1. Beautifully worked image 🙂 As the Vampire Bat is centuries old, wandering around the Carpathians and having bad teeth, he feels this one a lot more 😀 😀


  2. “Age… an insane painter.
    Frail skin, winter’s easy prey ..”
    the first line here is beautiful and the second,almost cruel…
    Mani you are so deft at painting even cruelty of nature with a beauty … Kudos .


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