Haiku : Snow


soft, snowy whisper

adorned bony branches like stars

simple happiness

Shared with and inspired by Carpe DiemPurpletreehouse and haiku my heart

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50 responses to “Haiku : Snow

  1. dear maniparna,
    welcome to haiku my heart! you have warmed us with your beauty and i hope you will return again and again. always a joy to share a deep love of small words.


  2. Hey ! I can see I am late but guess you know that due to your awesome cold haikus my server is snow -jammed and so slow that its hard to comment !! that page simply would not open ! 😛
    that’s all for the lame but true excuses 😛
    to the haiku- its beautiful – as always 🙂 I liked the ‘like stars’ For me , it gave it the X-mas feel …
    And loved the ‘snowy whisper’ .. adding infinite dimensions to your so few words… the lightness of snow like a whisper or is it the soft whispers which are cold like snow (whispered earlier as sweet nothings perhaps).. adorning the remaining bony branches of my heart like stars…. giving simple happiness …to an otherwise leafless heart .. which ever way it is .. i loved it Mani 🙂


    • Haha Kokila…. hope your server is enjoying the cold now…. 😀 give it some warm Christmas cake too 😛

      Thank you so much dear…your explanations always add so much to the lines…you read my mind girl !! Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas 🙂 May the festival add stars to your life.


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