Haiku: Seasonal Exodus

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last colour of leaf

pours itself into emptiness

of barren white cold


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48 responses to “Haiku: Seasonal Exodus

  1. Loved the expression of pouring the colour in to the barren white land… akin to pouring life into a desolate dormant being…. and that too while dying itself … loved it Mani πŸ™‚ Its lines like this which stay with me for along time .. perhaps forever …

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  2. It’s a brilliant picture. Such a beautiful colour combination, Looks like an art done with extra patience. It’t tough to match words to a picture like this and Maniparna you have written a nice Haiku which higlights the grief of such a beautiful thing.


  3. Season exodus, what better you to express than the depiction of those last few leaves tantalizing dangling from the branches….solitary makes it more pronounced. Lovely picture…


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