Raise Your Voice To Make India Clean #AbMontuBolega

Sonali and her friends were having a gala time at the Mall. More so because the exam was over and they tried their best. In fact, Sonali was the topper last year and this time she had poured in more efforts to retain her position. Her friends, Nidhi, Ranjita, Aditi and Nayanika … all of them were happened to be great students too.

“Ummm….I just love these  chicken wings” exclaimed Nidhi.

“We all know that …you’re a chicken-freak! It’s because of you that I’ve to eat this processed chicken” . Grumbled Aditi who ran an awareness program last year on why processed food is unhealthy for children and should be avoided.

“Stop being so pedantic and thoughtful all the time dear Miss Processing” snarled Nidhi.

Aditi was about to retort when Sonali interrupted.

“Stop this childish mock-fight girls. The exam is over and it’s  time to do something…some social work I mean. I asked my father about this last night and he came up with some great idea.” Sonali’s father is a government official and is associated with various NGOs. Her mother is a social-worker too. So she has a great enthusiasm for these type of things and she has been always able to impart the idea and the urge to others.

“I’m really feeling intrigued Sona, whatever you’ve in your mind….count me in”  said an excited Nayanika. The others nodded their heads too.
” Well, I think we should be a part of Modiji’s ” Banega Swachh India” campaign. Many MNCs have already become a part of it and running their own campaigns to make people aware of the fact that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. I just have come across the Strepsils campaign on this and it shows how we can change our surroundings by raising our voice against everything that is unclean and unjust. I’m really inspired by this #AbMonTuBolega campaign. Let’s finish our food and go home so that we can all watch the video and can discuss about our plans.”

A few minutes later as they were standing and waiting at the parking lot for their driver uncle, suddenly Sonali saw a middle-aged woman, sitting inside an expensive car, threw out an empty packet of Lays from the window. The act instantly infuriated her. The car was still standing there as the driver was checking something. Sonali went by the side of the car and knocked at the window glass. As soon as the glass went down, very politely she said, ” Ma’am, please pick up the the packet you just have thrown out and put it into the litter bin.”

The lady was taken back and seemed angry too. She didn’t pay any heed to Sonali’s words and said roughly,” How dare you talk to me in this way? Do you know who am I ?”

“No, and I don’t want to. But I believe that as a dutiful and responsible citizen you should not make our surrounding dirty by scattering used packets in this way. It’s our duty to keep our surrounding clean. If each of us does her/his duty properly and contribute to the “Swachh India” program, India would soon be a cleaner country.”

“The little lady is absolutely right Lila” said a gentleman who was sitting by the side of the woman. He was smiling too. ” Thanks for making us aware of that, Little Lady” he said as he came out of the car. He picked up the packet and threw it in the garbage bin placed at one side of the parking lot.

“Thanks to you too Sir for doing your bit towards making India a better and cleaner place” Sonali and her friends said in unison.

“So, you see, we’ve already started our #AbMontuBolega campaign!!” said Sonali excitedly. ” We are no mere silent spectators any more. We’ve started raising our voice effectively. We can bring change to this country in this way. However small our effort may be, it pays to stand by and speak up for the right thing. And if anytime you hesitate to raise your voice, just take a Strepsils, so that everybody can hear you, clear and strong”. She chuckled and everybody shouted out,”Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.

To know more about #AbMontuBolega campaign and Strepsils, kindly watch this video and visit their FACEBOOK page. Also stay tuned and be connected on TWITTER. Raise your voice. It’s time to stand up and speak out.




This post is written as a part of Indi-Happy Hours #AbMontuBolega campaign in association with STREPSILS and Indiblogger.




9 responses to “Raise Your Voice To Make India Clean #AbMontuBolega

  1. Banega Swachh India and #AbMontuBolega campaign both doing their best rounds in 2014 …well said ! Hope Dr APJ Abdul Kalam dream of India 2020 come true 🙂


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