As the Night Comes

Standing alone on the meandering country road
She watched the sun slipping down, soft, crimson egg yolk.
Demure charm of the setting sun, hiding itself in the veil
Of evening. Darkness dillydallying to settle down.
Soft, dreamy light caressed the earth for the final time.
She embraced the murmuring silence of the idyllic night. 

Shared with  Poetry Pantry of Poets United

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35 responses to “As the Night Comes

  1. Awesome beautiful ! loved the egg yolk , the dillydallying darkness … and the soft light caressing the earth one final time…with the dillydallying darkness, the caress of light seemed reluctant yet intense …… loved it for fresh ‘prateeks’ or ‘ Bimbs’ the word dillydallying has lifted it from being a simple and beautiful verse to another level of personification ..
    Kudos dear friend ! 🙂
    Dil garden garden ho gaya ….


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