Nature in Monochrome

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Nature, I always find inspiration in her. Swaying of  a branch while a small bird uses it as it’s swing, the sudden sally of a sparkling waterfall, a few drops of rain on the petals or the masterful alignment of foliage….all these make me as gleeful as a child. Nature has so many wonders hidden in her bosom, big and small, the more your explore, the more you yearn for.

Here are some of my clicks, in monochrome, for the WordPress Photography 101 prompt,“The Natural World”

1-ChaNdipur 100-001

1-ChaNdipur 069

1-Shantiniketan 004

56 responses to “Nature in Monochrome

  1. The water droplets are beautiful upon the petals and leaves! Such an exquisite set of photos, Maniparna. Hope all is great in this new year for you and your family. 🙂

  2. What you’re saying above reflects in your haiku. In fact, haiku is all about capturing those enchanting moments in words. The pics reaffirms that you’ve a very sensitive & beautiful heart.

  3. Dew drops and flowers. I think if I ever would be mesmerized by the first sight – it would be that. Or it would be dew drops on the blades of grass. A magical sight indeed.

    Beautiful collection Maniparna 🙂

  4. You got me inspired by nature 😀 easy to guess which my favourite is – the wood log; good enough to be spooky in another shot 😀

  5. Nice collection.nature is beauty. Monochrome photos can highlight the pure form without the distraction and enhancement of color. This extraction of visual elements can add to rather than subtract from and give rise to darker emotions, stir longing, and evoke feelings of mystery.

  6. Love the way you described the value of nature , I see so much magic and inspiration in the nature around me and have sometimes walked barefooted in the grass feeling like a princess to be allowed such freedom. Thank you for sharing looking forward to following your blog.

    Kind Regards and Happy happy days to you.

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