Book Review : The Sales Room By RT Manu Ramesh

Most people think “selling” is the same as “talking”. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job”. – Roy Bartell

The words ‘sales’ and ‘sales room’ immediately bring a picture in our minds…that some veteran guys are conspiring in a closed room The-Sales-Room-RT-Manu-Rameshbringing out innovative ideas to make their selling-graph grow northwards. That is the one and only goal of their lives. Precisely, the world moves on this idea of selling and if you think deeply, we are all ‘sellers’ and simultaneously ‘buyers’. You don’t agree? Okay, we’ll discuss this issue in some other post 😀  Leaving aside this intense psychological debate, let me come to the point. I recently read  R.T. Manu Ramesh’s debutante work,“The Sales Room” and this book is the source of my above soliloquy on sales.

The story opens up as we find the protagonist, Rajesh Iyer, returns to his previous organisation, Oregon Software Technologies, after a futile attempt to get admitted in a business school in the US. But things there are not same anymore. There has been a drastic change in the company, from a successful face-lift of the office building to the ambiance inside and even the behaviour and temperament of his colleagues. He finds himself in a position which  is much lower than his previous designation. The boss, Venky, is a typical one and is insouciant about anything but sales and target. Rajesh tries his best to cope up with the situation and the narrative smoothly goes on as we enjoy a merry-go-round journey of the pros and cons of the sales department and selling as such.

The book portrays a clear picture of the life of a salesperson. An introspection of their busy minds. That they always have to remember that the only difference between ‘try’ and ‘triumph’ is just a little ‘umph’! How they have to mobilize their personal resources and connections to achieve a deal and no matter what happens, the sales-chart must rise!

Interestingly, this book, though has unveiled many notions which are generally associated with ‘salesroom’ but at no point of time you’ll find it monotonous. The author’s unique satirical style and wit have given ”The Sales Room” that much needed warmth. In fact, it’s because of his style of writing that a somewhat predictable story will persuade you to the last page. This sort of writing needs a firm grip on the subject and a keen observation as well as a mastery on the language. He has maneuvered the language in a way that will surely make you smile.The double entendres used are truly hilarious though sometimes I find them a tad sexist. And don’t miss the final “Quirky Glossary”. 😀

“The Sales Room” is an out of the box approach to deal with the strategies and workings of a start-up and I think most male readers (in some cases females too) can relate to Rajesh’s story easily. You’re sure to enjoy this book if you’ve a sales background or related to ‘sales room’ in some way or another.

From my side it’s 3/5

About The Author

RT Manu Ramesh has graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the reputed RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, India, in 2006 and started his career in the IT industry as a software programmer. He however found his true calling a couple of years later when a dynamic, young, entrepreneur, invited him to join his start-up, Aurigo Software Technologies, as a part of the Sales and Marketing team. The firm was to expand in India in a big way. Playing a crucial role in the company’s growth Manu was instrumental in its foray into the India market and acquisition of first ten customers in India.
He now works for an MNC and is based in San Jose, California. He is an avid tennis player and swimmer. He has an ear for music. He enjoys travelling, reading, surfing and watching movies during free time.

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28 responses to “Book Review : The Sales Room By RT Manu Ramesh

    • Hi Indrani, Some folks have asked me about the title, the reason for it is that the entire plot unwinds the room where the sales people sit down and hence the title ‘The Sales Room’.

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  1. This sounds pretty interesting Maniparna. I think I like the theme and the approach to the book. I love the genre of management studies and I have always loved them. This might end up being a nice addition 🙂


  2. Interesting review… special inclination for the glossary 😛 And to get praise from you the writing style must have been awesome as even after a predictable story line you liked it …. ANd I am glad to know it as for me writing style is what makes or breaks a book … So count me in for this one maniparna 🙂 Great review as always 🙂

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