Reach of the Tree of Life

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Dewdrops caress my leaves
Soft, gentle touch 
My boughs bear nest to birds,
They shuffle along my perch.

I oversee  many a mile
Creatures throbbing with life,
Merry-making earthly beings
Overcoming their everyday strife.

“Tree of Life”, they call me so
Integral part of nature,
I stand still with intangible wings
Serving my part to nurture.


24 responses to “Reach of the Tree of Life

  1. That looks a lot like the big zapota tree at our home, even as I see that this is something else 😀 Somehow it had managed to be the biggest tree around 🙂


  2. Nature’s nature is about nurturing others and the life of tree is to serve others and we human beings take it for granted and our treatment of nature needs prudence and we need to bring balance of thought in any execution and experiment with nature…nice picture, close view.


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