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Heaps of leaves, dry and detached
From the branches

Wandering mindlessly 
Waiting to return to ashes.

The old and weary eyes of age
Visage, with complex geometric lines
Alone tiptoed the night, and
Camouflaged the frail, dry human form.

45 responses to “Winter

  1. Loved the images you have woven here. Somehow made me think of the time I was walking through the national wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad, trying to photograph the forest. Winter is awesome.

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  2. Loved the analogy Mnaiparna… and the word ‘detached’ for the dry leaves…speaks volumes … Its vivid too and thats one thing I ALWAYS love about your writing… the picture it paints .. clear and vivid yet not pushed … and in few words … Congrats! for the feat 🙂

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  3. autumn leaves sometimes can be fascinating, i recall wading through a flood of dry ‘chinar’ leaves in a park in Srinagar; and the leaves did not die for nothing, they were changed into a fuel for the ‘Kangari’, a fire pot used by common people to keep themselves warm in icy winter.

    nice poem


  4. It is just not a heap of leaves, we see and ignore. You have weaved these fallen leaves into a beautiful thought, make us wonder about the journey of the gathered leaves…poetry comes from these ignored and generally overlooked smaller things and aspects of our observations…

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