Loving Her

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Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

His consecration is to love 

The woman who makes him fly

Like a leaf  in the sky.

While she talks,

Exuberant bubbles of words

Swims happily in the air.

The deep abyss of her cleavage

Mysterious as ever

Her soft, shy gaze

Just made him feel

She is born

To kill.

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46 responses to “Loving Her

  1. I’ve heard some men feel that way in front of an intelligent woman–watching her words lift in cartoon bubbles /aware only of the invitation of her cleavage much louder than shyness and love. This is a scary poem.


  2. Having read it through a couple of times I could see that perhaps you have played with us and that an alternative meaning is there. Dangerous as she is, he may instead be the one to kill her!


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