Kalakaar Colony : What’s in the Blog ?

The “Circle of Deceit” is now taking the shape of a whirlwind !  I’m participating in BlogAdda’s  #CelebrateBlogging with my wonderful blogger friends. Together, we are co-weaving a mystery fiction that will keep you hooked till the end. Read the previous part HERE


Jennifer was not feeling easy with her new discovery. The blog and the person behind it….together they were making her present predicament worse. She again examined the photo on the blog and compared it to the one on her camera. To her chagrin, they matched, there was no question of suspicion.

“This is making the situation worse, at least for me” she mused. “For if Mr. and Mrs. Dutta decide to take the case to the police, they would surely find out this  unwanted connection between  me and this man who has kidnapped the innocent girl….and they could even suspect that I have connived with this pesky guy and now acting spiffy to  save my own skin ! Oh! Jesus! Please save me” ….her eyes welled up thinking of the dire consequence.

Jennifer dialed Shekhar’s number only to get a boring engaged tone. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, frustrated, she began to explore that particular blog. Being a blogger, she knew that sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, bloggers left clues in their writings which often had been helpful to reveal their actual self. Jennifer was frantically searching for something….a tiny clue or connection that could be helpful for her.

Most of the blog posts were book reviews and all of them were thrillers. In fact, Jennifer, in spite of her acrimony for the man, couldn’t help but confess that his reviews were impeccable. He, very convincingly, had dissected the plots to show the flaccidity and loopholes. Moreover, he seemed to have an excellent knowledge regarding legal matters. It was quite difficult to imagine that a person like him could involve himself in such skulduggery.

Jennifer was almost at the verge of losing her hopes to decipher anything from the blog that could help her to get an ace over the current situation. Just then her eyes caught another section of the blog apart from book reviews with the heading “Crime and Punishment”. With further enthusiasm she began to read the posts filed under the heading.



Back at Mr.Gupta’s bungalow ‘Shanti Niwas’, the sequence of events were not at all peaceful. Mr.Gupta was fuming after receiving Krishna’s call.  A prominent industrialist as he was, nobody ever had dared to usurp his plans in his life except one, Shekhar.

He gritted his teeth,“That twerp cast his spells first on Tara, and now he has brought my whole family in danger, including my precious pearl, ROOHI !!
The realization that someone else had abducted Roohi earlier had a maddening effect on Mr.Gupta. Roohi could have suffered a lot more if somehow Krishna failed to find her…..he just shuddered at the very thought.

Shekhar, unaware of all these clandestine connections, was hoping to hear a few words of reconciliation and accordingly, gathering all his courage he turned his laptop towards Mr.Gupta saying, “Look, I’m pretty sure that the man in these photographs taken by Jennifer is surely involved in the abduction.”

A stone cold gaze, accompanied with a guttural voice reverberated,”one more word and I’ll throw you out of my house ! the damage you’ve done to your family is irreparable but that  you can proceed no further ….I shall make that out for sure.”

That was enough for Shekhar. A tense father, who was  all worried for his daughter couldn’t take it anymore. Like a possessed person he came out of ‘Shanti Niwas’, his car engine revved up and he was heading fast…to a destination unknown.

Suddenly the phone rang. It was Jennifer. The conversation lasted for merely a minute and Shekhar, at a breakneck speed, headed for Jennifer’s hospital.

What did Jennifer tell Shekhar? Was she able to find the man behind the mask? Was it Cyrus or ……someone else?

Me and my team are participating in Game of Blogs at BlogAdda.com.#Celebrate blogging with us.

To know what happened next click  HERE

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