1-ChaNdipur 114

Like the Third Secret of Fatima,

He kept it in his mind.

Never revealed, never uttered

But pondered upon….

His heart ached , he kept smiling;

His agonized mind , sometimes

As if in hallucination

Saw her sashaying like an empress

Through the thoroughfare.

And now, as he could feel

The gentle touch of Thanatus

He tried , for the final time

To give words to his passion.

But, alas! What numbness that was !

His organs betrayed him

His eyes closed themselves in despair.

Untold , unrequited, his love became

Ethereal. Purer than truth ,

Unfathomable like the ocean,

Intangible like the air.

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69 responses to “Platonic

  1. I wish he was vocal like you could orate your scattered thoughts. Ek baar kehkar tho dekha hota!
    Nonetheless, you have immortalized his love.
    If I may ask – What is Thanatus? Couldn’t find an apt meaning.


  2. Interesting! Maybe you should give this a sequel, followed by a prequel. There’s so much scope here. It doesn’t deserve to remain platonic, especially after all that build up – so a sequel at least is a must 🙂


  3. Unless you’re in your comfort zone you can’t certainly bring the mood, but right now I can only say I was touched by your flow… and yes, I need to wiki-search those mytho/religious references… Happy rhyming 🙂


  4. Like always 🙂
    please don’t miss my post a classic answer.just watch it full because i spend 2 hours on putting subtitles on places where it is really needed even if it is in malayalam most is in terrific english and some things you can understand in malayalam without subtitles 🙂


  5. Such a powerfully deep and well-written poem … so sad that his feelings should remain hidden to become:

    Ethereal. Purer than truth ,
    Unfathomable like the ocean,
    Intangible like the air.


  6. Truly platonic Mani …. The words are beautifully strung and there is a lyrical quality in the verse…It has sorrow , it has pathos and it flows gently like a calm river………..:)


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