1-Shantiniketan 146
Scattered everywhere in nitty-gritty of life

No one ever tries to pick it out and shine
Wanderers, as we are, searching for it
In the eternity or in the cosmic hallows.

A single dew-drop at the green edge of the grass
Why greener pasture we do want ?
Missing all those propitious pleasures
Happiness, culminating in ennui.

To forget and forgive the mistakes of the past
To look at the world as if it has just born
To feel that intangible bond with Mother Earth
Happiness is that what I called.

Shared with and inspired by Poets United‘s Midweek Motif ~ Happiness




56 responses to “Happiness

  1. so true..we are never happy with what we have and the quest continues till the last breath..when we have only one life to live the faster we come to the understanding the better it is..very well penned Maniparna


  2. ye teek nahi he yaar.i cannot comment on everything.stop writing this beautifully 🙂
    you are a nice human being that is the reason you write so well.god bless 🙂


  3. so beautiful Maniparna! indeed happiness is the natural state of affairs… we just make our lives difficult in the hunt for happiness… oh the ignorance of us all!!


  4. I always have to play with Gulgul when I come in here – it is so irresistable, when he returns the ball each time…..I like the “simple” sources of happiness you mention in your poem – all so available to us, if we but look.


  5. i think that we can often overlook the beauty of what we have in that quest for greener pastures…something more….and without that contentedness we will never know true happiness….


  6. I like that single dew-drop. Youth is vast, and once introduced to far off places at school, has to make sure they’re real. I think that was the change for me. Cosmic hallows vs. propitious pleasures is a good way to put it. I think I have never touched ennui.


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