Tryst With Nature


Nature has a music of its own, a hue soothing yet bright
Perceptible to those who can feel, drenched in the sight.
I wandered among the layers, of smoky clouds and mist
My lungs inflated with pure ecstasy, a perfect cosmic tryst.

Emeralds were there, so many shades of it
Chrysochlorous and azuline, Nature’s surreal gift.
Propitious sun raysΒ dancing merrily on the cloud
Of heaven, I know not, but have seen that golden shroud.

When our hearts feel heavy, soul,Β broken and numb
Ameliorate the bitterness by Nature’s gleeful balm
Peace of Nature flowing into the soul
Making the part of you, one with the whole.

Shared with Poetry Pantry ofΒ Poets United

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64 responses to “Tryst With Nature

  1. “Ameliorate the bitterness by Nature’s gleeful balm
    Peace of Nature flowing into the soul” – those lines just got me Maniparna…
    I have always sought the Nature for my peace of mind …. You are an amazing poet.


  2. This is a beautiful poem. It gives me a sense of peacefulness to read. As for the rhyming mentioned above, many poems include words that are ‘near rhymes.’ That is a perfectly acceptable and long-honored practice! Your wording certainly works for me & fits the theme, which is MOST important in a poem anyway!


  3. you use such lovely words to set the scene of your lines.
    numb and balm don’t rhyme in my ears, but bum, thumb, or jamaica rum wouldn’t fit in your story πŸ™‚


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