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There was a time when we used to hop from one shop to another to check different items in our shopping list. Then emerged the era of shopping malls and the all-under-one-roof notion of shopping. That too, is outdated by numerous e-shopping portals. A plethora of brands are waiting to be picked up on just one click of the mouse. Now one can get the pleasure of shopping without the hassles. Countless number of online shopping websites are relentlessly trying to lure the prospective customers with numerous offers and discounts. While online shopping has become the need of the time at one hand, the quality and integrity of different sites many a time has raised questions and confusions. Here comes the need of a trusted “Comparison Shopping Website , a site where you can filter and compare particular products based on price, features and other criteria.

logo is the newest addition in the category of  Comparison Shopping Sites. It is one of the most trusted sites to find out the best online prices in India. It’s your very own topical search engine for prices.

How It Works

Suppose you want to buy a mobile named AX . Now there are at least 20 top sites who are selling this AX model with different price tags. How will you find out the best price for your product ? Wouldn’t it be a titanic job to visit all the web portals to check for the lowest ? Don’t worry, is there to make your job simpler. Just go to their website , click on your desired model, and get all the available online prices for that model in the blink of an eye ! Not only the price, the site provides all the relevant features and details of any particular item. The prices are generally arranged in ascending order, that is, lowest first.
Below is shown the best prices for Nokia Lumia 920, just a glance and you’ll get all the required details as — STORE : DETAILS : DELIVERY : PRICE : LINK

Screenshot 2014-07-29 01.25.36

After selecting the desired store, click on the ‘Go To Store’ button which will direct you to the chosen store. Isn’t is easy ? Moreover, you need not to create any login ID or anything to compare prices on

Salient Features is surprisingly easy to use in spite of being a great tool for online comparison shopping.On clicking  any particular section , e.g. Camera, you’ll see the below options.
Screenshot 2014-07-29 02.44.16
Click again on the category you’re looking for and get a list of all the available models. You can also fine tune your search by choosing a particular brand in the next step.

You can compare a chosen product with any other variety that comes under the same category.

Detailed description and specifications of any given product is available.

Specifications of Nokia Lumia 920
Specifications of Nokia Lumia 920

Apart from all the above mentioned details , the site also provides video reviews for particular products making them comparable not only by pricing but also by their performance and usability.

Screenshot 2014-07-29 03.29.35

Range Of Products

Currently the site is dealing with Cameras. Mobiles and Books, offering a wide range of products in all the three categories. The “Books” section provides separate  list for the Indian and foreign writers making the search comparatively easier and quicker.

Why Comparison Sites Are Essential

Comparison sites like can safely be called the foundation of smart shopping. The ecommerce boom in India has given rise to a number of shopping sites and the consumer must be watchful enough to pick the best from the lot. can make the job smoother and your happiness is guranteed as you can save more to shop more. Have a look at the picture provided and you’ll understand what I exactly mean by ‘save more’.

"The Krishna KEy'' Price Comparison. Why pay more ?
“The Krishna KEy” Price Comparison. Why pay more ?

Scope For Betterment 

The site is dealing with only mobiles, books and cameras. Introduction of more categories like clothing, beauty products etc will automatically attract more people to use the site
The front or main banner design needs to be more attractive and it’s better if it could showcase the trending goods or top brands.


A great site for comparing online prices and I would like to recommend this site to all for Adding variety, Multiplying savings and Subtracting hassles.  Happy shopping with


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20 responses to “Website Review :

  1. I checked the site the day you posted … but was unable to comment.. some software problem… well I like this site because it has great discount on BOOKS! I first checked agatha christie followed by contemporary writers… and the prices are good. Itna jugaad toh I can manage 😛 Thanks for it 🙂


  2. Thats something that we truly need in our daily life…because we keep on buying everything online…nice review


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