Haiku: Glimpses of Dawn


mellow light of dawn

a single swan in the sky

darkness came to rest

light’s first intrusion

stupor slowly recovered

life began to move.

Shared with Carpe Diem where the prompt ‘ a glimpse of dawn’ was inspired by Yosa Buson’s haiku


55 responses to “Haiku: Glimpses of Dawn

  1. I recently started writing Haiku, thanks to inspiration from Carpe Diem blog. So I can appreciate the effort behind your words and their profoundness more.

    I enjoyed both, but I like the second one a little more 🙂


  2. Oh! Brilliant! No words to explain the beauty that you carved out with your words… I simply loved it. 🙂


  3. Maniparna i always wonder how heavenly bodies follow the repetitve law of days and nights.someone above has programmed them right?our life in town only has begun slowly to pick up.in village we could have trusted anyone blindly here i think we have to be care full in everything we does.your haiku is always good you know that better than me-it always convey hope to someone living far 🙂


    • It’s really amazing..the laws of nature..perfect in every way 🙂 Hope you’ll soon get adjusted with the ways of city life ..it’s busy but not that bad… 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words about my haiku…it gives immense joy when someone finds them hopeful 🙂


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